Book Review: Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari

Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari.

Hello everyone, 
While most of us are staying at home due to COVID-19, I was lucky enough to receive this book on time and have utilized most of my time reading this book, and it was totally worthwhile


We all have read about Jason Kothari many times in news articles about how he has handled multiple turnaround situations and rekindled many well known companies like and Snapdeal.
Before reading the book, I went through few of those articles again and was expecting either a book filled with Business jargon or a series of Dos and Dont's for entrepreneurs, but the book surprised me from the very first chapter with its gripping storytelling and explanation of complex business technicalities in layman language. Jason is not just a business turnaround expert but a great storyteller too.

This book is not just inspiring to entrepreneurs but will rekindle a spirit in everyone to pursue their own passions.
But yes for budding entrepreneurs, this book has a lot of important lessons given throughout the story with a chapter in the end containing Jason's Golden Pillars of a ideal startup

So the book is not just Jason's journey into becoming a turnaround expert, but details his early life and also his turnaround from being a rebel to a calm, determined and focused individual.
Starting from his early childhood days of negotiating for a chessboard to his struggles with racism and then being a disturbed teenager, a background is set and you connect with it wanting to know what came next for Jason and what made him the successful entrepreneur that he is.

He writes about three turnaround stories in detail which includes Valiant Comics, and Snapdeal. 
Among all three my favorite was Valiant comics for how he has described his passion for comics(which I relate to) and how that lead him to saving the company from bankruptcy. A long struggle which goes on alongside personal turmoils, the story is captivating and you will find yourself rooting for Jason. Saving your Super heroes might be like a dream come true for every super hero fan and Jason achieved just that and soon you will see one of the Valiant comics character Bloodshot  played by Vin Diesel in a upcoming movie.
We all have seen the and Snapdeal reboot, business turnaround stories which are still very fresh. Jason gives us a insider's view to these success stories

So all in all its a good read and would recommend this book to everyone and especially to those who like me would have recently got into comfort zone and lost that spark in life. It will inspire you to take on challenges and again get in touch with your passions and ambitions.

You can buy the book at amazon, use link below

Thank you for reading,
Stay Safe everyone!

May the world recover soon from COVID-19.


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