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Untold Explorations - DAY 3 - Khajjiar & Beeji Park

Hello everyone, This post is part of a travelogue series that I have been writing on my recent Trip with Untold Tales (Facebook link) Read the previous posts Utexploration Post 1 - Golden temple Utexploration Post 2 - Wagah/Attari Border Untold Explorations - DAY1 - Amritsar Continued Untold Explorations - DAY 2 - Dalhousie Musings So all recovered from Dalhousie, I made my way to Khajjiar Now as many know Khajjiar is known as mini Switzerland, maybe the below pictures would help get a visual explanation to the name, but then there is also a history to it.(which you can read on Wikipedia ) Living in a city like Mumbai, you never get to see such topography, this place has a way of getting you excited from the very first view. We visited the place called Khajiaar Lake, There is a lake in the middle which is now depleted due to silt and has lost all it's charm Now It's just a big stretch of grassy land surrounded by cedar trees,