Untold Explorations - DAY1 - Golden temple, Amritsar

Untold Tales is bringing a trip filled with adventure and art
Join us in this trip and be an explorer artist with us
We will explore Amritsar, kullu, Manali, dalhousie and Kasol
What do you get in this trip -
1- exploring all these places with like mind people
2- camping in Kasol
3- Performing and witnessing performances in all these places
4- River Rafting
5- Staying in all 4 star hotels
6- one night camp under the stars

So what you read above is the description of the trip I found through a school friend who is active in the spoken word community and...........why not!? We said

So we are on board!

On a 10 day trip! No no didn't quit my job, managed to get that many leaves...cool eh? 🤣

I have been trying to revive my blog for long now and this would be the perfect opportunity to, so while we are 15 mins away from Amritsar to start our Day1, I start writing while I enjoy the window view in Golden Temple Mail.

Hope to keep writing through the day on all of those 10 days and post it by the end of it, every night.

So to give some information about Golden Temple Mail, it's every day train starting from Mumbai Central at 9.25 pm and a 36 hours, 1891km you reach Amritsar.

On our way back to Mumbai, I would try to tell about specialities of various places the train passes through and those of which you could get from the respective railway stations

So if you have reached Amritsar early morning you could have a scrumptious breakfast of Amritsari Kulcha and Coffee from road side vendors.

Find the place on Google maps where I had Amritsari Kulcha!

Harmindar Sahib, better knows as Golden Temple.

Better known by tourists as Golden temple, worth visiting when in Amritsar. Central religious place of Sikhs, but equally open to everyone.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the one who covered it in gold in 1830, two centuries after its construction.
It’s all made of 24-karat gold, which is much purer than the 22-karat gold present in Indian households today.
Back in the 90s, it was renovated with 500 kg of Gold.

Has four entrances and a huge space with temple in the center surrounded by man made lake.
The steps leading downwards to the temple depicts a humble way of living.

Very well organized with volunteers available throughout the day, helping people , disturbing water at various water points and helping pilgrims and tourists
Fans and wet mats placed to help you fight heat.

The temple is a beautiful master piece and one must go through leaving behind all your thoughts to enjoy the serenity and beauty.

I myself always wanted to listen to "Ik Onkar" inside the temple premises and while in line I was searching for the music in my phone when a elderly lady behind me started chanting it. I no more needed any other digital medium to have that experience.

A visit during night time would leave you mesmerized, and I would let the picture below speak for itself.

The langar feeds 100,000 devotees every day free of cost. When I came to know of this langar and that it feeds people throughout the day with batches completing a meal within 15 minutes, I was unsure on how that is done.

Sitting there along with 1000 other devotees having that satisfying meal I realized how we can actually finish our meals within 15 mins. Facilitated by Volunteers yet the langar was highly efficient, clean and organized

**Need to wear a scarf when inside temple premises
For more information on the Dos & Don't, follow this link to official website

My Instagram pics from Golden Temple visit

I wanted to wrap my whole day into one post, but then Golden Temple itself was so special that I ended up writing a lot more than I had in mind and have to end this post here.

We also visited the Market place near Golden temple, Jalianwala Baug and the Attari Border for the Retreat ceremony.

Will post about all of those soon.

Take care untill then.

Poetic Philosopher.

Picture credits to myself and travel companions from Untold Tales exploration.


  1. It was an amazing experience and I know I do relate to you mr.shetty as even I was there and it felt like heaven ❤️

  2. Khulche best the ji best ...

    I'm Atheist but peace near sarovar at night is like ... Time stopped for a while ...


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