From Resignation to #Cycling2Work! - Part 1

From Resignation to Cycling to Work! - Part 1


Its been long since I wrote last, the name of my blog must change to "Unsatisfied Soul"👻 for my tendency to not stay interested in one thing for far too long. :D

I keep searching for new things to do.

New roads to take, but blogging, writing & reading always finds its way back. Its like my Fallback plan.. But I always wish to make it my Pit stops, and this again is my attempt to.

The last change started almost this time last year, travelling, events and living on the go.
Thus this blog:

I got myself into numerous outdoor events, thanks to artist and friend " Varnodhar ".
Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and my Mumbai too...
So with all this events came its load of planning and preparations to do. So we both got busy and I couldn't take many pit stops. So the promised blog updates & travelogues also didn't come.

Ok Now getting back to the topic of this Blog post,
Yes I put down my papers on first week of September,2015.
The idea behind this was freedom, after all that travelling coming back and being glued to a system and a routine 9-10 job bothered me. Work was not getting anywhere and I was at the peak of my frustration. I won't say I was not thinking clear enough, just that I was little bothered not to get captured in the routine forever.
Then I waited for 3 months for the notice period to end, but guess what in these 3 months a lot changed at work and suddenly everything got interesting and the groove was back.
Then I got to become one of those people who continue to show up to work post their Official last date, eventually things fell into its place and now with new vigor and hope I am back at the job.

This didn't stop me from looking back at what had got me worried in first place other then all that was going down at work.
So I listed down the pros and cons as one of my Experienced seniors had asked me to when he got to know I had put down my papers.
He really came in as Yoda who changed my perspective of  Freedom with Responsibilities.

So I listed the pros and cons of daily job. My daily job

  1. Steady Income
  2. Lot of Learning
  3. Job security
  4. Future scope in field

  1. Routine life
  2. Less Trips/Travelling
  3. No time for Other Passions & Activities
  4. No Dual Career
  5. Frustrating Travelling to work & back

So the solution would be to work towards eradicating all the CONS
when I got back to work, I also noticed that a lot of my energy was wasted in travelling to work and back and lot less I was burning as my job didn't require much physical activity.

I don't know from where the idea struck me, I had always been a fan of Cycling.
I had bought one also when I shifted to Mangalore, if not for that accident which I got into.. Maybe you would have found me writing about cycling already.
So in month of Jan, 2016 many of my colleagues caught me staring into the computer screen past work hours, browsing through
I opened up to a few who ridiculed me on the idea of buying a expensive bike and moreover riding it to work.
Considering my physique, they said "So you plan to become Mr. India by doing this(become invisible due to excessive cycling). This was not demotivating at all, it was actually encouragement to me.
I couldn't wait to prove them wrong.
So that is when it was decided, we would be buying a Bike(a bicycle).
For now, I would like to end the post here. Next would write on how I went forward on choosing one.

From Resignation to Cycling to Work! - Part 2
will come soon.
Wish me luck :)

P.S. Felt like I am writing diary after long time and having a hard time writing all that I missed to write.


  1. Good come back...Anirudh, happy journey with your Firefox..

  2. Good come back...Anirudh, happy journey with your Firefox..

  3. Hey Bud! Waiting for ur return.. I know you have the spark ... keep scaling .

  4. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

  5. Very informative, keep posting such sensible articles, it extremely helps to grasp regarding things.

  6. Hi, extremely nice effort. everybody should scan this text. Thanks for sharing.


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