My Money Book: Book Review

How do you store all your Financial details?
In a Diary of some sort?
In Digital media, your Personal Computer maybe?
In the notepad of your Smart phones or Tab?

Until now for me, it was notepad of my Smart Phone.
(Maybe I am revealimg a lot in this blog post)

For a person like me, who often plans to be organised but ends up doing nothing abou it "My Money Book" is a real motivation to get organised.
Organised in terms of all my Money Related/Financial Information.

Thanks to Blogadda & Exide Life insurance which sent me this Diary now I have a rwason to get all my Financial information organised.

To start with I loved the appearance of this book. When I knew I was getting a Diary like this, I had expected some boring looking standard diary. Instead this Money Book is quite the opposite with bright colors & lively fonts & graphics.

The Centralization this whole idea if keeping a Money Book is the best. You could keep all your financial details in one place and when needed find it easily. Anyone could relate to the amount of hassles one has to go through when the needed financial informations go missing. So once you will.have to invest some timw into filling all those details into the Money Book & then you could get rid of those hassles.

What makes the whole deal even better is the simplicity & completeness of the Money Book. To explain this better I will list down the categories listed in the Money Book.

1. My Personal Information
Its a personal book, you would want to fill this to announce your ownership over it.

2. My Family & Key People
This part provides fields to fill in your Family & Key people's contact details. It also has space to fill in some important details of your Family members like PAN number, Aadhar numer & DL number.

3. My Insurance Policies
Subcategories here include Life, Health, Motor & Property Insurance, with each of them gettimg substantial number of pages. Life insurance itself has 4 pages, which I think is a good reminder & encouragement for you to have multiple insurance policies.

4. My Bank Details
Now when I say bank details, Money Book doesn't just limit to Account information. It also has pages dedicated to Lockers, Demat Accounts & Credit Card.

5. My Loans.
Here the sub categories include Home/Property Loans, Auto Loans & Personal/Consumer Durable Laons. Again all rhe required fields are listed in each of the sub categories making it complete.

6. My Investments
Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Property, Public Provident Fund, National Pension Scheme,m & Other Investments make up for this category. Like all other categories even this has all the required fields and also some space in the bottom of every page to fill in other details if any.

My Money Book is something which inspires me. Me, being in the first few steps of my Career do not have much stuff to write in this. The maximum I can get here is to fill personal details & my savings account details.
By maintaining a Diary & listing my wish list I could focus on my goals and achievement. Similarly, this Money Book will inspire me to become more financially stable & plan my finanaces well. Yes, also it will help me get organised too!

I recommend "My Money Book" to all my readers.

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  1. So, where is your account balance mentioned? All the best for a stable financial life. Start investing in SIP as you are very young, the SIP would fetch you good results in the long run.


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