Coimbatore for Customization

After my last visit to Tamil Nadu, I discovered this City's love for customization.
I had been to Vellore with some of my friends to attend Riviera's opening event Comic Buzz. This  event gave me a opportunity to explore Tamil Nadu and that is how I came across a expressive world of customization.

Going around Coimbatore every other vehicle I saw had something different in terms of its look. We saw a wide variety of car stickers in coimbatore according to varying choices from subtle classics to some very flashy ones. Body graphics, hood graphics, racing stripe decal kits, windshield visors, lettering, numbers all adding up to the vehicle's style statement.
Automobiles, especially 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers are more of a necessity these days in our country.  India is becoming the hub of modern automotive ventures from all over the world.
Once you have bought a car then you feel that it should stand out from the other cars, it should have its own presence on the road. This the people of Coimbatore seem to take very seriously and they also understand the best ways of doing so.

Not only the vehicles exhibited the city's expertise in customization, I even came across many shops which were exclusively for car accessories in coimbatore selling exterior as well as interior accessories. In exterior accessories there were huge collections of stickers, bumpers, skirting, spoilers etc. For interior accessories they had seat covers, fancy lights, vinyl mat etc. Anything you have ever seen in terms of customization was readily available there.  

Coimbatore is famous for any kind of Printing solutions. Right from my days of Engineering, we had always turned to this city for any kind of printing orders. During college fests, when there was a need for bulk prints and customized tee shirts we would find a good deal in Coimbatore. I believe that, being a hub for printing solutions adds to Coimbatore's customization forte making printing of Car stickers easy and economical.

If you do not have a budget for expensive accessories and still wish to add a personal touch to your vehicles, then stickers are the apt choice. One can get their car a extremely sporty look by just adding car stickers. Car stickers aren’t as expensive as other car accessories and also give a distinct look for the car when compared to the other cars. Thus most people opt for car stickers, as a economic way to stylizing a vehicle. 

If you are into customization or not, I would recommend every vehicle owner to once browse through the possible options of customization. Even if you had not planned to, but once you browse through the possibilities you may make up your mind to add some uniqueness to your set of wheels.

Happy Motoring.


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