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Asus Zenfone 2 Review

Asus Zenfone 2 For a person waiting to experience the android power without burning a hole in their pockets, Asus Zenfone 2 is the answer. Its also for all those who have been disappointed by the performance lag of their own phone. In this post I will list out the stand-out features of Asus Zenfone 2 & also the reason I would opt to switch from my current phone to a Zenfone 2. 1. Power Powered by a 64-bit 2.3GHz Super Quad-Core Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor,  Zenfone 2 is the world’s first smart-phone with 4GB of dual-channel DDR3 RAM. The current phone I am using has 1 GB RAM, resulting into "System memory low" message coming up in the notifications every time I try multitasking. So yes the 4GB RAM will be a boon for a person like me who is always multitasking with multiple apps running in the background The Power quotient of the phone is not just limited to the processor and RAM, adding to it's power is 4G LTE advanced technology which offers do

Coimbatore for Customization

After my last visit to Tamil Nadu, I discovered this City's love for customization. I had been to Vellore with some of my friends to attend Riviera's opening event Comic Buzz. This  event gave me a opportunity to explore Tamil Nadu and that is how I came across a expressive world of customization. Going around Coimbatore every other vehicle I saw had something different in terms of its look. We saw a wide variety of  car stickers in coimbatore  according to varying choices from subtle classics to some very flashy ones. Body graphics, hood graphics, racing stripe decal kits, windshield visors, lettering, numbers all adding up to the vehicle's style statement. Automobiles, especially 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers are more of a necessity these days in our country.  India is becoming the hub of modern automotive ventures from all over the world. Once you have bought a car then you feel that it should stand out from the other cars, it should have its own presence on

Drive to Lonavala with Tata Bolt- #BoltDrives

Tata Bolt, Not much of a Auto blogger, nor had a interest to be one. But time and again this one Car got me to write! Every since the launch of Tata Bolt, I have been connected & updated with it's campaigns as a blogger. One can read about how much I enjoyed the Bolt Arena, Mumbai in one of my previous posts. My Mechie friend, Shri had also told me about how Tata Bolt was very much different from the Cars in it's segment. How this was a needed change in the line of Cars produced by Tata Motor.. Eventually I ended up getting connected with this one Car..... Few weeks back, to my delight I recieved a mail informing me that I was shortlisted for "Bolt Drive" I didn't have to go into the details of the mail, it was already decided! I was surely going for this! Cherry on the already alluring Cake was the location, Lonavala Tiger Point, Lonavala So it was decided! 19th April was

My Money Book: Book Review

How do you store all your Financial details? In a Diary of some sort? In Digital media, your Personal Computer maybe? In the notepad of your Smart phones or Tab? Until now for me, it was notepad of my Smart Phone. (Maybe I am revealimg a lot in this blog post) For a person like me, who often plans to be organised but ends up doing nothing abou it "My Money Book" is a real motivation to get organised. Organised in terms of all my Money Related/Financial Information. Thanks to Blogadda & Exide Life insurance which sent me this Diary now I have a rwason to get all my Financial information organised. To start with I loved the appearance of this book. When I knew I was getting a Diary like this, I had expected some boring looking standard diary. Instead this Money Book is quite the opposite with bright colors & lively fonts & graphics. The Centralization this whole idea if keeping a Money Book is the best. You could keep all your financial details in

Commercial Vehicles in Bangalore

Bangalore, capital of Karnataka is a city of dreams, a city filled with people from different places and a city signifying Unity in Diversity. In Bangalore people spend half their days travelling. It’ll take forever to reach from one place to another in Bangalore. In such conditions people need an efficient and effective mode of transportation. Not only people have to travel around the city also there are commodities that need to be taken from one place to another. Goods transportation is an important part in these days. The main concern for anybody transporting goods or commodities is that it has to be efficient and the vehicle has to sustain a lot of load and it has to get the returns what was invested on it. If we take passenger transportation TATA cars have made a mark in this field. They are efficient, economical, long lasting and are for sure will bring returns for the investments. They are robust as well as they offer comfort to the passengers  TATA cars in Bangalore ar

The Journey Begins- #Vacation-001

You have Dreams, and you wait for proper time. You have Plans, and you wait for good company. You have Ambitions, and you wait for the perfect opportunity. You love someone, and you wait for a occasion to tell. You have some wishes, you blame responsibilities. Sometimes we have everything, and we still give excuses ALL YOU GOT TO DO IS, DARE! I DID. Which lead to my First official vacation. While I write this I am in the second Phase of this Vacation-001 Mumbai - Mangalore - Mysore - Bangalore - Baroda Madikeri, Karnataka I had this wish to start travelling... I did wait for all of the above.. Company, Plan, Money, and etc Some weeks back I realized, if I wait, I I may end up waiting forever. So I dared and just started. No I ain't a pro traveller, Just a beginner. But I am happy. So I write from the Baroda.... To update my readers.. Many more Posts from the this travelogue will come once I am back home. Till the here are some instances from my j