Happy World Sleep Day- #SlowDownZindagi

Happy World Sleep Day!
World Sleep Day is an annual event organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Assocuation of Sleep Medicine (WASM).

'When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound'
Yes today is sleep day and I am going to write relating to something which often disturbs our sleep.


Today the pace at which our lives go, we are bound to get stressed.
For me stress is a daily dose, credits to my habit of always having a tight schedule & making multiple plans with overlapping time frames.
What scares me more is not stress but having a slow life, so I tend to stress more and keep myself occupied all the time.
But along the way, I have found some really good stress busters which works miracles for me and makes me forget all my problems.
Yes, it is a long list but below listed are the top 5.

Writing & Reading
Art Credits: My Friend, Chai
This was my original stress buster since long. Reading started in School where we were given one book every week to read, I used to take my Friend's books too and would read 2-3 books every week.
I thank my school teacher Shima Ghosh, who motivated me to read more & also write after reading my first poem in 8th standard. Since then Reading & Writing has been a my escape, my nirvana. When in need of some good advice I turn to my books and when in need to express something, I write. This blog is thus a result of my love for writing and being read.

Super Souls, spreading smiles.
Recent event by Super Souls
Being a Super soul, this is what we call ourselves. A group of some friends who often visit Orphanages, Old-age homes, & Animal care shelters. This is not just a stress buster, but a life changing realisation which came to me last year. I believe until I met those smiling faces, I had not lived truly. Always being unsatisfied when I met those kids who would smile and enjoy regardless of what problems or circumstances I realised what life is. Sharing Happiness without any personal gains is a good way to fight stress and get away from all our troubles.

Interventions by Friends

Intervention would range from a night out party to a simple chat, but its required for me every once in a while.
Mostly at the end of the day we friends share everything about the day in group chats or if required plan something bigger at the end of the weekend.
With this point I would like to thank those special friends who are always there for me. Friends who listen to my problems, guide me and motivate me to keep going. Thank you Rakshu, Nanchii & folks at Bro-Code.

Head massage by Mom

Recently due my brother's hair loss problem Mom started forcibly putting oil on my brother's head when we sit to watch television before bed time.
I once complained "Why this partiality?"
Since then this is one more stress buster I get sometimes. A head massage by Mom, what better to feel at ease & stress relieved! 

Early Morning Solitude
Early Morning view from my Office gallery.

One of my New Year resolutions was to wake up early and start from home early. Though this resolution was implemented one month late, it got me chance to experience beautiful mornings of Mumbai. If one has got stressed out from the crowded and fast life of Mumbai, he or she must experience this tranquil & silence of Mumbai mornings.
Getting in touch with nature is one of the best ways to forget your worries and feel at peace.
I do draft most of my blog posts in the morning now.

I would stick to 5, but how could one not add Music to this list.
Yes Music is a universal stress buster. Now living in Mumbai, I see every other person plugged in, earphones everywhere.
Yes some selective music does work for me also and I really enjoy Live music, I cannot deny this but the above 5 top the list of stress busters for me.

BlogAdda alongwith Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil wants to break the cycle of stress and sleeplessness and get you to #SlowDownZindagi

So do watch the video to know more about it

Everyone has their own ways of de-stressing, share your tips and tricks in the comments below and the best comment will be rewarded with a prize!

I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with BlogAdda‘ 


  1. Good destressing read..Anirudh.. Life always needs some thing..to stop and smile about and to be relieved of our daily drill...just like you said it can be mother's loving head massage or a Good friend's poor joke.....who tries hard to make you laugh...:p..

  2. These are fabulous tips. I usually de-stress by taking a long shower and then curling up in bed with watching a comedy. This is a sure shot way to help me relax and #SlowDownZindagi.

  3. I really like your inclusive approach to stress... However when I'm stressed I prefer to do all things by myself.. My de-stress mantra is ...
    Take The Stairs - Click Away - De-Clutter - Watch A Tear-Jerker - Head To The Spa
    Read my post here...

  4. Smile is d best cover on one's face to hide al your stress :)

  5. Massages!! One of the best ways to de-stress!

  6. Volunteering is indeed a very effective stress-release method. It's very nice that you spend your time giving time to other people. My stress-relief mantra is to travel whenever I can. I simple love the idea of seeing new places.

  7. I second your thought about early morning solitude, It's nice you are spending time in orphanages, old-age homes, & animal care shelters and the most important thing is you're making people happy. God bless... :)
    I release my by writing or blogging and sometimes by listening soulful music...:)

  8. When stress enters in your life then your mind always first left you alone and a powerful negative thought's ring make a circle around you.
    We will rush to those things which gives us peace or keep you in calm.
    My colourful threads always give me peace of mind and directed me towards positive thing and creates a peaceful ring around me.
    Yes, I am talking about embroidery I love to do this as my hobby, my passion and destressing activity.

    My second option to destress the life is capturing birds in my camera. Bird watching and taking pictures of them always my favorite destressing activity

  9. Read your blog..Beautifully written and expressed..
    Smile is the best way to be far away from stress....so always have patience and be smiling..
    Happy to see you going to orphanages and old age homes..
    Continue with the fantastic job you are doing..
    Smile and make people smile..god bless you..:-)

  10. Music and nature help me to overcome stress....
    Ur approach to de-stress will help a lot... :)
    Feels good that evn I ws a part of super souls (Y)
    And ur blogs are awesome as usual... :)
    God bless u dear... :)

  11. Cuddling is the best stress buster for me.

  12. So proud of you aniiii your blogs are as amazinggggas you <3 and yesss Mumbai morning and head massage are best stress buster but particularly for me it's my coffee music and sleeeeeep :D

  13. My de stress mantra is playing with children their smiles make me happy and forget everything :D
    Also listening to music it just gets me on my toes to do some tap tap :D


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