Bangalore Biker Friend Interviewed

The basic necessities of a human being are food, shelter and clothing. A new addition to this during recent times is Transportation. 

When it comes to transportation there are lot of options available for the people. The most preferred one is a motorbike.

This post is part of my biker buddy Shrinidhi K Bhat's Knowledge imparting sessions.
In love with his Red Beast(his Yamaha R15) he is also a Biking Enthusiast.

We happen to meet after a long time and he shared with me all that he had leraned about biking from his stay at Bangalore.

I couldn't resist making it somehow connected to my blogging :D

I converted the conversation into a interview.(Now my blog has a interview too!)

So below are my dumb questions & his appropriate & awesome answers.

1. What do you think Biking means for Indians?
Biking for majority of indians who own a bike is an affordable means of transportation. People from various age groups prefer to travel on a motorbike. It can act as a commuter as well as a tourer. But biking is not just limited to transportation.

2. You said Biking is just not limited to transportation, so enlighten us with the other defintions.
Different people use motorbikes for different purposes. For some it is only for ease of commuting while for some it means touring. Some perform stunts with the bike whilst some customize the bike with their crazy ideas and innovations. 

3. Is Biking preferred more only in well developed cities or metros?
Biking is not restricted in terms of location at all, the ease of travelling it provides makes it preferable for all.
The advent of motorbikes has not only engulfed the metro cities but also the developing cities.
Let us consider an example of Bangalore. A beautiful city containing people from all over India. 
For most of the people motorbikes are the best means of travelling in this city. 

4. Whats according to you is most important thing to be considered for a biker?
Safety. When you own a bike, Safety is one of the most important things to be considered. Good helmets, riding jackets, riding gloves, knee guards and elbow guards are few essential safety accessories to be thought of. In Bangalore there are various stores which provide these bike parts in bangalore. There are lot of brands offering these products in various price brackets.

5. So Safety first, what next?
Your Bike! Making sure its in good health and well maintained.
There are many ways to obtain more output from the current configuration of the bike. There are various brands which offer these parts for a good price. Performance parts include air filters, exhaust mufflers, silencers, spark plugs, racing kits etc. Here too these parts are available in different price ranges.
Then comes the exterior looks of the bike. It is a trend now to put HID bulbs, projectors instead of normal headlights. Also flashy indicators, customized graphics, body kits can also be considered while thinking of exterior customization.
These days there are various companies of motorcycles offering bikes in various price ranges. Also the bikes and bike accesories in Bangalore are classified into different segments based on the engine capacity, shape, price etc.

So this was the part where he went on & on and I had to stop him... Lol
Glad I was able to share those new learnt knowledge with all my readers.

Are you a biker?
If yes, whats your choice?
Stunts? Customization? Touring?
Do leave your comments...

In a city like Bangalore there is no scarcity of stores which help people get branded bike parts in Bangalore. Whilst the branded parts will be expensive there will be cheaper parts available as well.

I would recommend bikers to choose the value for money products and also make sure that the part is genuine and it won’t affect the bike harshly. So choose wisely while you embellish your bike with the best accessories available in Bangalore


  1. Good work Anirudh,Wow!!Thought of bike itself is like we come alive when we are on it....and reading about it is still more happier..


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