Why to watch Roy, a Movie Review

After one week of watching "Roy", I figure out how to write my views about this movie.
A awaited movie which had created enough buzz just by the trailers, cast and music, which didn't need some extra promotions, which had so much much gravity created for it that even after reading all the bad reviews I made it a point to experience it first hand.

So (maybe a little late) I list out the points why one may/must watch the movie.

Firstly, The Buzz created about the movie, The cast i.e. the two awesome actors and the fresh music has got you curious. Now you might want to shut the curious idiot in you by simply giving in and watching the movie, that is what I did.

Second, you want to watch Jacqueline Fernandez do Yoga, ballet, many more dance forms, look stunning and yes kiss Ranbir.. and Arjun too.
Then yes, go watch the movie. This movie has well explored all her capabilities and will be a treat to your eyes if you can bear the parts where she is not in the scene or is in the scene just to deliver some dialogues.

You like listening to philosophical
, dwell into (what apparently is) the thought flow of a creative person at work and you wouldn't mind waiting for the actors to deliver some good dialogues while they slide through the stretched out script. If yes, then you will survive this one.

In some not so crucial points are...
You maybe a die hard fan of Ranbir Kapoor or Arjun Rampal(more likely the prior), you may have a need to spend 147 minutes and nothing to do, you maybe in a relation, etc.

On a serious note, Roy is a simple story told in a very complicated script in the first half which turns out to be equally dragging in the second.

It is a attempt to bring out creative depth resulting into creative mess.


  1. Sounds interesting Anirudh. Very good inculcation of creativity in the review. Enjoyed reading it!

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  3. Thanks for share its really nice and good post i like it and keep it up..you can watch in HD..

  4. Thank you after reading this I will happily stay away :D

  5. Thank you for the wonderful post enjoyed reading


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