Unconditional Love with the Zenfone

What is Good about being Single on Valentine's day?
Best is, you get to show yourself some love.
Pamper youf, and you will! Particularly to make it up to yourself after being tortured by all that lovey-dovey ambience created all around you by couples.

But Valentine day is not only about couples, its about Love.
So why not Love yourself, Pamper yourself, Gift yourself.
Now what to Gift, after all you want it to match up to Valentine standards...lol

I would suggest Asus Zenfone.
List of Reasons is too long, I will list down 5 important reasons why I would say Asus Zenfone can be a Good gift to pamper yourself this Valentine.

The Look!
Now when I say looks, it doesn't mean only beauty. Asus Zenfone defines elegance here and is classy. For the proud singles, the Classic white or even more The Black in which many of Asus Zenfones are available. For the more extravagant, there is Gold too!
So pick your looks, go Classy or go flashy!

The Specs!
The looks are not everything after all, we are Indians. Whatever the product be, we tend to  ask "Kitna Deti hai!"
And Yes, Asus Zenfone doesn't disappoint in that category at all. You need power, you need storage, you need media power everything is well built in those!

Now we come at the extra brownie points.
These points, even if your valentine is actually a real life person cannot promise of.

The Affordable!
Now its a understatement, when I say "Affordable"
The prices at which they are giving out Asus Zenfone are way better than Reasonable. All that looks and power in such amazing prizes is a perfect treat . So unlike most Valentine days, a hole won't be burnt through your pockets. According to your budget, you can pick the Asus Zenfone of

The Durable!
Now I need not ellaborate on the topic that Relationships don't come with guarantees. Whereas Asus Zenfones at flipkart have 30 days replacement guarantee, 1 year manufacturer warranty, 6 months in box accesories warranty and Transit insurance too.

Now if you visit this link(http://www.flipkart.com/asus), you will realize while we sit here drooling many are getting themselves a Asus Zenfone. Asus Zenfone are what everyone wants and they are going "Out of Stock" So don't disaapoint yourself, buy yourself a Asus Zenfone this Valentine.

Now again I dont want to be biased towards those Single folks and dishearten my readers who are now in a happy relation.

So for all those Committed souls, again Asus Zenfone would be a ideal Valentine Gift for their better halves.
After all, something which could mesmerize will do the same for your partner.
So celebrate Valentine day by Gifting him/her a Asus Zenfone with a #UnconditionalLove message.

While you are here, have a look at this video to get more reasons to buy a Asus Zenfone.


  1. Asus is one of the best brands ever !!! Being single not only saves money to buy one zenfone but also to have the freedom to do whatever you want!!


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