Quikr, on my way to Bangalore

It was just some months back when I got introduced to C2C Buying & Selling online, through Quikr. It was a online activity where Quikr offered Bloggers a chance to shop for free!
I bought a Sony Playstation Portable-3000 and this was my first & best experience at Quikr. What followed was realization of how effective & easy it was to buy & sell at Quikr, since then I have used my account well at Quikr.

This time the blogging prompt is given by Indiblogger

Credits: Indiblogger.in

If you were relocating to Bangalore, how would you use bangalore.quikr.com to your advantage?

Bangalore being the silicon valley of our country is a expensive place to be, so one has to be careful and take care that expenses don't burn deep holes in your pockets. Quikr will help me do exactly that.

When it comes to traveling or moving someplace, first thing on my "to do" list is "Finding a place to Crash"
So we take the "Real Estate" category on the landing page of

I ain't married nor I have privacy issues so Paying Guest or Flatmates is the option which I will be going for. Would shortlist the favorable ones and make the necessary calls.

P.S. Flat in Mumbai I am currently staying in, I got it through Quikr :)

I being a Kannadiga, A Mangalorean have many a relatives & friends in and around Bangalore. But for the days they won't be accessible I would need a TV...LOL
Yes....crazy me, that is the next thing which comes to my mind when it comes to surviving in a new place.
So the next Category is Electronics & Appliances, sub-category : TV - DVD - Multimedia

Now that I have the list, I would go for something which just gets the job done within the budget and have no constraints on the expected screen size.

You habe a TV now for the lazy days, but the Lazy at Home Movie Experience will be incomplete without something cozy to fall back on while I eat my popcorn and watch TV.
Bean Bag is the solution, actually Bean Bags(plural) for when my friends come over.
So Category "Home Decor Furnishings" in "Home & Lifestyle" it is.
Viola Bean Bags!

BTW where will the Popcorn come from?
According to what my Friends say, Bangalore is good for the Foodie! I am a Foodie :)

But again we have to keep a tab on the expenses and so being a Foodie will be affordable if we be a Cook too. Next we need a Refrigerator, Owen & a Induction Stove.
All these are covered in Home-Kitchen Appliances category in Electronics & Appliances.

So with all these above stuff I would buy, it solves problems of Sleep, Hunger & Boredom
But where do You Keep my stuff?
So back we are at "Home Decor - Furnishings"
A Cupboard  which will fit in the place where I get to crash is what I will be looking for.

With all these above Deals done, I could relocate with no worries. Soon after I do, there will be a need for a Computer table for the IT guy in me.
So again in "Home Decor- Furnishings" we look for a Wooden Computer table, but yes that can wait till I reach Bangalore.

This was how Bangalore Quikr will help me to Happily Relocate to Bangalore.

Thankyou Indiblogger for this awesome Blogging prompt, had fun writing for it!


  1. Oh - Quikr is useful for a lot of things. I thought it was like eBay - for buying and selling used items. But I see that you found your flat in Mumbai on Quikr. I must go and check out their website.


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