PK- True Masterpiece

Zero % Spoiler

 "PK" as the name goes, was a subtle reference to the perceived and the actual referencs of sanity and intoxication.
PK movie Poster

 One may say a person is "drunk" or in hindi "PK" if the person doesn't follow the established norms of sanity, but for real are those parameters apt to judge a person's sanity?

In total the movie is a Question and not a Statement, Rajkumar Hirani unlike other directors, doesn't believe in making a statement either he puts a question out for all the viewers.
A question regarding the percieved and the reality.

Anything I reveal about the plot, will be a total spoiler and I will ask everyone to just watvh the movie and experience it urself. Dont try to get any facts about the movie from your friends or folks and let the movie surprise you.

Touching some grave topics, spanning some sci-fi boundaries yet keeping the tempo with humor pumped in with fresh above the belt jokes Rajkumar Hirani & Aamir Khan yet again revolutionized storytelling for bollywood.

Enough with declaring it to be something, I will just pen down what I felt about the movie.

  1. Never at any point int the movie, I had realization of the time.
  2. No point in the movie allowed me to be judgmental.
  3. Nothing in the movie seemed to me as exaggeration, unnecessary or misplaced.
  4. It was 3 hours of true escape and a fresh presepctive of life, love , religion and humanity to me.

As a conclusion, PK has just blown me with the message it gave so subtly at the same time delivering a sweet story.

I feel glad that I got the strength to control myself from revealing anything about the plot and to end the ....... here.

I wont call this a review.
This is my humble thoughts of the masterpiece that PK is.

Recommend everyone to get a fresh prespective, Recommend evryone to watch "PK"


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