Lesson learnt at a Saloon- #WillYouShave

Like one of my sister says
"Beware when you come across Bloggers, they will Blog about anything!"
I am reminded of this today while I start writing 5th post for the topic of #WillYouShave.
Whenever a blogging idea comes to me, I make note of it in a notepad in my mobile.
While I was going through the notepad in my mobile today I came across one note which reminded me of a incident which happened with me at a saloon.

I realised I could connect Blogadda's blogging prompt: #WillYouShave to this incident.

One evening Mom was at her daily routine of scolding me for the numerous things I do wrong in life. That evening my rugged look was trending. Mom kept on remarking it as a rowdy look and asked me to shave.
I had a set of razors at home and even a trimmer. But I felt lazy!
Yes, whatever followed was result of my laziness.
I stepped out of home thinking I will get the job done at a saloon. Again I was lazy and decided to step into the first barber shop which comes into view and not go very far searching for one.
I saw a shady one bear to my place. It was not very welcoming, but making a excuse to myself that it would be cheap too, I entered the place.
The barber was sitting idle, so I didnt have to wait for my turn.
What followed next, was a series of unspeakable unhygienic stunts by the barber.
Firstly he tied a soiled towel around me. Next the water he sprayed on my hair seemed to have a jasmine fragrance which irritated me more. Then he started applying foam on my face with a brush which he kept dipping in water placed in a bowl.
While I was silently cursing myself and going through this routine another acquaintance of the barber entered the shop. He added to my disgust when he used the scissors to trim hairs coming out of his ears and nose. I thanked God that I did not choose to get a hair cut. It went on for another 5 minutes, which seemed to me like one of the longest 5 minutes of my life.
When it came time to pay, I was shocked to know the price he was charging was not lower than what a Good saloon would offer me.
In total, it became a good lesson to me for being lazy!

So yes I will shave! Whenever I want to I will buy a razor and get the job done myself!

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