Akshaya Patra, Hopes for young India

What do we remember from school days?
What would your life be without schooling?
Just take this path down imagination lane.....
I am not speaking of Graduation or PHD, simple High School.
Just enough to cross the line between illiteracy and being literate... And then Education.
I compiled a small questionnaire and asked around 15 of my friends those questions.
The questions & answers were as follows
How much did your education help you to reach where You stand today?
Each of my friend agreed that Life wouldn't Education is unimaginable for them. Whatever they are today is highly influenced by their education. Ambitious and Smart Nats added that even future seemed vague without education which she said is a never ending
Where would you be today without education?
Most of them didn't even wish to go there and think of this situation, few answered by saying Life would be gloomy and pitiful. The well employed crowd talked about career and how it wouldn't be viable...:)
If you are given a choice between hunger and education what would you choose?
First answers were "both"
When asked to choose one, all chose Education, while one had second thoughts when clause of giving up eating chicken was mentioned. :D pinky!
How much do you think a government school's mid day meal of each student cost?
These answers ranged from Rs.2 to Rs.20 per day.
Do you think India can get rid of Illiteracy or Malnutrition in kids or both?
All my friends hope for this but are unsure how it will attained.
Summing up all this thoughts from my friends I want to present them Akshaya Patra, A answer to our questions.
In year 1930, Tamil Nadu started the MidDay Meal Programme, which today is introduced in every step.
This was one of the revolutionary ideas implemented by government which saw instant outcome.
In most of the households, if not the family at least every Child would be expected to feed himself by doing some odd jobs.
Child Employment was at its peak due to this attitude of parents of the underprivileged.
They didn't understand the value of education as it didn't mean anything in their own lives, but food they considered God. They may not be very glad with the education their children would receive but were content with the thought that their kid won't stay hungry.
Thus this Midday meal scheme was well applauded and accepted by all.
Like every other government policy, even this was targeted by the prevailing stigma of corruption.
I wont talk much of it, but we had heard news on the compromise of quality of food & the utter negligence which brought shame to the nation.
It got everyone worried. Even I myself had questions.
But we all will nit be able to believe how much better is Mid Day Meal programme through Akshaya Patra, a non profit organisation.
Akshaya Patra aims at eradicating class room hunger and provide education to all through Mid-day meal programme.
From their start, on 2000 when they were supporting 1500 children today Akshaya Patra have reached world record for being a non-profit organisation to  provide wholesome food to 1.4 million children across 10 states in India
Wholesome meals cooked in Hygienic conditions.
We too can help Akshaya Patra in this journey!!
Sponsoring a child's year long Mid-Day meal would be Rs. 750 only!

Donate to the cause. Its time you give back to the society.

A  Fast poem for #BlogToFeedAChild
How much will you ignore
to be blind folded, u have chosen
Don't you ever feel anything?
Is this your next step in evolution.
While you stay in cozy comforts
and luxuries of your homes
in your very own country
illiteracy & hunger freely roams
Not now but soon it could be
a much needed revolution
like a humble seedling that grows into a tree
so will your small contribution
the fruits it will bear will be plenty
Content, happiness and pride you will feel
for every child's steps towards his school
encourage him more with a square meal
They ain't asking you for the fish
nor you need to teach them to
while they learn it themselves
ensure with education, food reaches them too
With Knowledge they will become independent,
while they get sufficient nutrition.
thus our nation will attain
its true redemption!

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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