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Lesson learnt at a Saloon- #WillYouShave

Like one of my sister says "Beware when you come across Bloggers, they will Blog about anything!" I am reminded of this today while I start writing 5th post for the topic of #WillYouShave. Whenever a blogging idea comes to me, I make note of it in a notepad in my mobile. While I was going through the notepad in my mobile today I came across one note which reminded me of a incident which happened with me at a saloon. I realised I could connect Blogadda's blogging prompt: #WillYouShave to this incident. One evening Mom was at her daily routine of scolding me for the numerous things I do wrong in life. That evening my rugged look was trending. Mom kept on remarking it as a rowdy look and asked me to shave. I had a set of razors at home and even a trimmer. But I felt lazy! Yes, whatever followed was result of my laziness. I stepped out of home thinking I will get the job done at a saloon. Again I was lazy and decided to step into the first barber shop which comes int

Shaving- The History #WillYouShave

I have written and posted already 3 posts on this topic.  After 3 posts, when I was tagged in this post: by Cifar    I thought that I had seen this topic in every perspective and angle possible for me. But NO! While browsing randomly I came across a few facts about Shaving which made me curious to know more about how human kind discovered this grooming technique? Was this just for purpose of grooming? I went on searching and reading more about the History of Shaving. It was actually fun discovering some exciting facts and now I have content enough to write three more posts. Yet I will try to wrap everything up in one blog post. Hope to do justice to the topic I have taken. By Definition Shaving is removal of hair, to slice it down till the level of one's skin. Facial    hairs are said to    grow between 125mm and 150mm per year. Get this! A man will spend an average of more than 3,0

New Year Resolutions & Micromax Canvas Tab P666

Thanks to Indiblogger for coming up with a Blog prompt where I can cheer for a brand I sport, I am Team CANvas! I myself own a Micromax Canvas Magnus and have been a true follower of this brand since long. Keeping aside all the critics and skepticism, I believed in this brand and chose to buy a Micromax, an Indian Brand. And Yes, I was not disappointed! After one year of buying this phone, it still has not given me any chance to complain and I believe it will not..AMEN! So the question Indiblogger asked this time was “Tell us how the lightning speed of the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 could help you achieve your New Year resolutions?” Pic Credits: So i will first list out my New Year Resolutions. Lately, after joining Job most of my time is spent in office. I get less time for my other hobbies or interests, so my resolutions this year are majorly based on that.  Read More! There were days when I would read full size novels and books wit

Magnificent Melbourne & a Contest!

Firstly I would thank Indiblogger for this Blogging prompt. Writing on this topic gave me a complete new perspective towards blogging while I explored and learned. So Indiblogger asked “How much do you know about Melbourne?...Blog about it” Also I have got a opportunity to host a C ontest for my readers . Yayy!!!! Ain't that great?! So let me give you a virtual tour of Melbourne as per my knowledge of the city. Melbourne , a city in state of Victoria, Australia. Whenever I think of this city I imagine cute penguins and Hot Air balloon rides. But, Yes this city has a lot more in store for tourists and travel enthusiasts. As I looked it up on internet, some more experiences of the city which I came across got me excited. From what I know of this City and what i learned from my research I have compiled a list of places I would like to visit and experiences I would love to take on. Photo Credits: Penguins at Phillip Island Visiting Adorable penguins w

PK- True Masterpiece

Zero % Spoiler  " PK " as the name goes, was a subtle reference to the perceived and the actual referencs of sanity and intoxication. PK  One may say a person is "drunk" or in hindi "PK" if the person doesn't follow the established norms of sanity, but for real are those parameters apt to judge a person's sanity? In total the movie is a Question and not a Statement, Rajkumar Hirani unlike other directors, doesn't believe in making a statement either he puts a question out for all the viewers. A question regarding the percieved and the reality. Anything I reveal about the plot, will be a total spoiler and I will ask everyone to just watvh the movie and experience it urself. Dont try to get any facts about the movie from your friends or folks and let the movie surprise you. Touching some grave topics, spanning some sci-fi boundaries yet keeping the tempo with humor pumped in with fresh above the belt jokes Rajkumar Hirani &

Grand Finale of i-genius Young Singing Stars

Being employed, weekends is the only escape one can get from the daily routine life. Not that my job sucks, but a break is what is essential for survival.  Blogadda collaborated with i-genius programme to provide us bloggers, an early escape by inviting us to attend Max Life Insurance ‘i-genius Young Singing Stars’ Grand Finale . The event was held at Taj Lands Ends, Bandra on 17th December, Wednesday. True to it's name, we saw geniuses in the making under guidance of Salim Merchant & Shraddha Sharma, the mentors and judges of the programme. As I reached little earlier, I got to see a final round of rehearsals. All throughout the event, it was a feast for eyes as we saw little wonders aged between 8 to 15 years singing gracefully and being guided and groomed by the mentors. Max Life Insurance's 'i-genius Young Singing Stars' programme is a joint collaboration of Max Life Insurance & Universal Music India. This nationwide search for young singing

Vacations & Children, Teddy Travelogues

Children perceive and experience everything very differently compared to adults. A sense of wonder, enthusiasm and excitement lies in each of their endeavours. With growing up we loose the enthusiasm, innocence and liveliness. With responsibilities pertaining to our jobs, career & family we tend to constraint ourselves. All hassles of our life creep into our subconscious and stay there. Reaching a state of total control over our own happiness gets difficult and we wont be able to enjoy every moment like we should. While children fly free. Their hassle free mind allows them to live every moment to the fullest and enjoy without any constraints . A house with a kid in it is always full of life. Similarly a vacation with kids can't be dull. For a family with chidren, it is a nice escape from the chaos of daily routine life. Parents can derive happiness and content through their chidren and spend quality time with family while on vacations. I vividly rememeber those days from

Akshaya Patra, Hopes for young India

What do we remember from school days? What would your life be without schooling? Just take this path down imagination lane..... I am not speaking of Graduation or PHD, simple High School. Just enough to cross the line between illiteracy and being literate... And then Education. I compiled a small questionnaire and asked around 15 of my friends those questions. The questions & answers were as follows How much did your education help you to reach where You stand today? Each of my friend agreed that Life wouldn't Education is unimaginable for them. Whatever they are today is highly influenced by their education. Ambitious and Smart Nats added that even future seemed vague without education which she said is a never ending Where would you be today without education? Most of them didn't even wish to go there and think of this situation, few answered by saying Life would be gloomy and pitiful. The well employed crowd talked about career and how it wouldn't be

Blog to Feed a Child, a must for every Blogger

Blogadda came up with a new challenge for Bloggers around India. "Blog to Feed a Child" Challenge Everytime a blogger takes up this challenge and writes on the topics mentioned, Blogadda  will donate money to  Akshaya Patra, an NGO The Topic/Theme Tell us how you think we can eliminate classroom hunger. Imagine what India would be like if no child goes hungry and an entire generation is educated . The Donation For every blog post written, Blogadda will sponsor meals for an Akshaya Patra beneficiary for an entire year The first thought which hit my mind when I read about this challenge is “Mid-Day meal programme” Come to any Government school around 1pm and you will see kids waiting in line to be served by the very famous MID-DAY MEAL program of Indian Government. Often in an open environment, with the clatter of the plates and the adorable smiling faces around, it’s a feast to one’s eyes. This popular programme started in the state of Tamil Nadu