Will you Shave? - #WillYouShave

Will you Shave?

Do you think you can miss a opportunity because of your beard or moustache?
Sounds silly right!
Checkout my experience on this.

Why do I have to Shave? - #WillYouShave

I have a incident which I would like to share on this question.
I distinctly remember this incident which happened in eight grade.
These were the days when we boys were interested more in growing up rather than cherishing our childhood.
It was the phrase "Who's the Man?" which excited us.

The first signs of maturing at this age would be facial hair, that is what all boys in my class wanted to sport. A beard.
I too got riddled into this and did something crazy.

I have heard that once you shave, then the actual beard starts growing! Silly right!!
I used my brother's razor and shaved!

Now the thing is I did not have much of what could be termed as beard, but the shave made me look...... Like a Monkey.

I couldn't prevent people noticing my foolishness and all my friends had a good laugh that day.

When I went to school next day. My favorite teacher who happened to be my class teacher noticed it too.
Then what followed was her advice to all of us in general about the idea of growing up & cherishing your childhood.

She said "You will now be eager to grow up, but once you do you will realise how being a Kid was better. Trust me, you all guys look good now and even the girls would like the cute you"

All of us laughed.

I remember this teacher as a inspiration in my life. Even my writing was encouraged by her and that is the reason this blog exists.
So if she said this I believe!

I would try to list the reasons one must shave?

#To avoid being scolded by Mom
Most of the guys would be getting scolded from their parents, especially Mom asking to shave and not have the rugged look.

#To avoid being considered "Uncle"
With facial hair, often people consider us to be way older than our actual age.

#Grooming of course
We have all known of rugged look, but we should agree that nothing ever goes wrong with the clean Polished look. Reason why most of the celebrities sport a polished look.

# For the Corporate/Opportunist/Professionals/Students
If you are part of a corporate environment, or you want people to take you seriously in your professional world, a neat clean shave look is your friend. Even if you are a student you would want to be on safe side by sporting the look of the good chap.

#Get rid of dead skin cells and avoid skin & acne problems
Girls may have their scrubs, special face wash and list of cosmetics for their skin. What Guys have is shaving, a routine process which could get you all those benefits. Even the shaving foams come with anti bacterial agents which help you fight skin problems

#Avoid complaints from your Girl about the stubble
I don't need to explain this. All boys are aware of this.

#Choose the best!
Choose among the range of Gillette's MACH3 Turbo Collection 
Anti-friction blades, ultra soft protective skin guard and patented lubrication system these makes shaving quite easy and comfortable.

I hope these are enough reasons for you to shave, if not than I will leave the job of making you understand to the females in your life :P
Mom, Sister, Wife, Girl friends....They all know better..Lol

I thank Blogadda and Gillete to come with this blog prompt as I got a reason to share my story with all the readers!
You too can blog about your #WillYouShave stories & if lucky win prizes!

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  1. Quite a clinical analysis... and I do agree with quite a few of the things you've mentioned.

    Arvind Passey


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