Why didn't you shave? - #WillYouShave

Ask me."Will you shave?"

I will be taken back to those days of engineering, when the question
"Why didn't you shave" was thrown at me repeatedly.

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There is only one situation in which a Engineering students faces most scary questions all at once.
Even the most difficult theory subject won't give a student goosebumps like the VIVA does. Reason there is a arrogant big eyed external staring right into your eyes making it difficult to even breathe, let alone think.

So this is what happened to me in a VIVA.

I used to be among those chilled out who believe that Fear is what makes situations more scary. In my first year, I did not fear VIVA that much.
I knew at the maximum I may not answer a few questions and get a few taunts on my knowledge. Couple of stares & speeches that's it.

Then Mechanical Engineering VIVA happened.

My branch was Computer science and so I didn't bother much about joints, welding, fabrication and all the mechanical jargon.
The syllabus said we computer engineers need to know how to shape things out of scrap metal.
I understand it may be both a science & art, the people from this field would be offended by my opinions. Sorry for that mechies, but I don't have anything against Mechanical engineers. It is the universities and the syllabus which are at fault.

So getting back to the topic, all that said about Mech engineering subject I was least prepared for the Viva. I managed to get past the practicals by some how filing, chipping and getting the asked shape. Then the time for VIVA came.

I entered the room, where a short man was sitting almost on the edge of a cushion chair. In front of him, on the table were plates with breakfast and a juice box and in his hands were my answer sheets.
My first thought was "Hope the canteen breakfast spread did not piss him off already"
When I approached the table, I realized that he had no interest in the breakfast. The Masala dosa was untouched. Later I was gonna realize, he had planned to have the students for breakfast.
When he felt my presence, he lifted his head from my paper and asked me to take a seat. It was a very cold and expressionless gesture.
Yet he had not managed to scare me. As I sat I observed a fountain pen in the pocket of his white shirt. He looked like he was in his 50's, yet did not explain the legacy fountain pen. I sat with a smirk on my face and the first question was fired
"Engineering or Medical?”

"Engineering” I continued
"Then what is with the crooked handwriting?”
I smiled, my first mistake.
"Your College doesn't have any rules?”
What annoys a student more than a poorly planned syllabus is a out of syllabus question. He was completely out of context. I stayed quiet.
"You may have studied hard for this VIVA exam?”
That is when fear gripped me. I was trying hard to remember this person now, have I ever met him before and misbehaved? I did not remember teasing any girl either who may turn out to be his daughter.
I managed to speak.
"Why sir?”
"You did not get time to shave?”
It hit me then. He was not a big fan of a rugged look.
"Sorry sir” that was all I could manage to tell. Thinking that a apology may end that topic. I was wrong.
"Why didn't you shave? How would you feel if I would come in as a external looking like you?”
That's when I observed he was the follower of clean shave & polish look.
I knew I would be damned!
What followed next was a process of inducing the well known fear of VIVA in the care free me. Around 20 questions which I never heard of. 
After every unanswered question he wold say.
"You studied so much for this exam that you did not have time to shave....yet you cant answer"

I knew I was in trouble. The smirk I had when I had entered the room was on his face now, a more wicked one.

From that day on wards it was official. I would sport a clean shave even for my theory exams. 

So this was how my Rugged look got me into a interrogation "Why didn't you shave?"

I am sure you readers too may have some stories to share about this topic.
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