Kids Hut- Revisit your Childhood Memories

Someone asks you to go back the memory lane, revisit those days when you were a toddler. What tops the list of memories?
1. Time spent with your Mother
2. School, First Friends & Teachers
3. Rhymes & Stories

Rhymes & Stories with morals are something which stays with us forever.
We may have gone through years of, college and mugging up syllabus after syllabus.....we would surely don't remember each of those absurd chapters, but what we cannot forget are those Rhymes & Stories.

Those are our first steps towards narration,  reciting, remembering, learning & towards discovering the world of sweet short stories and songs we can hum. As a result, impossible to forget memories.

Blogadda & T-Series recently came up with a blog prompt & helped me revisit those days of Chirpy Rhymes & Stories.

KIDS HUT by T-Series provides a collection of all the Nursery Rhymes & Stories in attractive animated videos.
Adding something more to each of the video, yet keeping the classics alive.

Once I got into their Youtube channel, I went on watching..... Not realising the time, was glued to the youtube channel for almost two hours.

So below are the the two of my favorites.

It was hard picking only two.
All of those videos were amazing and each of those rhymes & stories has cute and lovely memories.

I select these two

The Rhyme- Mary had a little Lamb

My mom used to sing this to me. She used to narrate to us how a little girl was envied by her classmates for being so loved by her little lamb.
Whenever I hear this one, I can recall and almost hear my mom's voice singing this cute rhyme.

The Story- Fox & the Sour grapes

This was the first story I understood as a kid, again narrated by my mom to me at times when I used to give up on something without trying much harder.
This was the story from where I understood the reason behind such fables, the moral or message.
I guess all this little creativity I got in me would be from my mother, she was a splendid narrator.
The moral in the story was simple.
"Excuses are what prevents you from acieving your goals"

So if you are a Kid, visit Kids Hut  to get a refreshing journey in the world of rhymes & fables

If you are a grown up, visit Kids Hut to revisit those precious memories from childhood.

If you are a parent, visit Kids Hut  and surprise your kids everyday while he/she learns nursery rhymes & story.

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