Book Review: "God is a Gamer" by Ravi Subramanian

"While I sit here reading this, a lot of crazy things are going around in the world"
God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian.
God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian Reviewed

This books makes you realise in greater proportions how different the world is from what we assume it to be.
Makes you feel like a newborn exploring things alien to it.

Until I read "God is a Gamer" I believed a good writer is one who could give readers something they could relate to.
Now I know, a better one is one who does that and then even shows them how much they dont know about the same.

  1. Are you into Banking?
  2. Are you into Technology/IT?
  3. Are you into Gaming/ or a Gamer?
  4. Are you into Politics?
  5. Are you a News Hound?
  6. Are you amazed by the world of Internet?
  7. Does a suspense thriller excite you?
  8. Are you a Indian?
You answer "YES" for any one of those questions, than you will love the book.
If you have multiple YES as answers to those questions than you will enjoy the book to the fullest.

I am an IT guy working on projects for Banks which deal with online transactions. I love reading thrillers those which need full commitment in reading and equally awards you. I am a hardcore gamer too.
All this put together, this book falls in the category of one of the best books I have ever read.

You may have heard about Bitcoins. Read about it little or may know everything, in any case this First fiction based on Bitcoins makes you aware of the true potential of the Bitcoins and how it can cause ripples effecting the whole world.

Characterization and Story telling is spot on. With all characters being in sync and realistic, no conflicting facts nor exaggerations. No extra characters or dummies to fill the plot and each core character has a reason to be and fit in very well in the story.
The author is quite gutsy and doesn't hesitate on taking names from the real world. Brands, Banks, Governments all seemed to be stripped down fearlessly by the author. The book seems to have done full use of every word in the disclaimer.

The story explores vast scopes and spreads over multiple domains and locations. Yet in odd 300 pages it wraps it up all well. Never the story looses its pace and the reader is surprised every time with new happenings and thus n0t revolving the whole plot around one incident. The way the story builds up makes a reader nervous as to how such a plot could be wrapped up perfectly so as to satisfy the reader and making it worth. But Hats off to Subramaniam who gives a perfect climax, nothing is obvious and just when you may have figured it out, the book will give you another perspective to look from.

I would recommend every reader this book.

"Enough of reading about silly love triangles, grab some knowledge while you entertain yourself with a exciting thriller"

"Doses of Knowledge, Glimpses of the Dark and Grey in the world, Shocks of the Thriller..A completer Package"

Some books you read..for some you become promoters.
I have become a honest promoter of this one with nothing expected in return.

One incident to point that out, once I was Halfway through the book I couldn't resist keeping it down. Literally read it everywhere, so once while reading it in a crowded Mumbai local a fellow commuter started a conversation.

"Who is the author?"
"Ravi Subramaniam"
"Philosophical hoga.."
"No not at all! You know bitcoins? Its based on that and the world around it...."

I went on and on............
I couldn't resist telling more, but Station
I am completely in love with the writer's expertise in narration of a thriller and have put all his other books in top priority of my reading list.

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  1. is it a good book for a teenager like me? the review sounds pretty good!

    1. Its for every one who loves to read thrillers!
      If you don't you will start after you read this one.


  3. Great Review !! So promising the book , the writer and the Reviewer :P Mean it :)

  4. Truly excited review!! Book really appears interesting after reading this....


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