YOUTH of today - Impatient yet Important!

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Impatient but Important!

Most crucial part of any Individual’s life is his/her youth, the period between childhood and adult age. The young would say “Those are most Happening moments of our Life!” Happening, Enthusiastic and Spontaneous, this phase of the life contributes to the majority of the memorable moments of a person’s life. The mistakes, the lessons learnt, the relations made, the decisions, the education gained and the personality created at this early age, shapes our character and makes a huge impact on our life. Youth life can also be termed as the Journey of Mistakes, those mistakes which teach us the most important lessons of our lives, which eventually become the pillars of one’s character.

As important as the period of Youth is in one’s life, similarly Youngsters are in a country. Often said “Future of country, lies in the hands of younger generations”, this quote stands out to be very true for our country. As per Indian demographics, the median age in India is around 25 years and India is anticipated to become the world’s youngest country by 2020. These statistics alone tell us, the impact Indian youth have on the society.

Even though majority of Indian population is comprised of youths, most of the politicians and higher government authorities in our country are above the age of 50 years. This instability is decreasing but at a very slow phase. Still politicians are well aware of the potential of youth in India and thus have created their own youth wings to harness this potential. Even majority of businesses today aim on reaching out to youngsters and meeting their needs, as the youth are the major part of any market today.

 Youth, youngsters, new generation, Gen-next, Yuva call them by any name; they all have huge effect on economical, political and social sectors of our country.

What makes the Youth so important in a country is not only the Demographic dominance, it is also the vigor, passion, liveliness and potential they possess.

Youth are today known to be highly unconventional. “Following the footsteps” is never their style. From aspects of Education to Fashion, they seem to do the unexpected. To describe the Youth of India, some of the common traits found in all youths can be listed out which add up to both their strengths and weaknesses.

One of the traits of youth which affects the society at large is their rebellious attitude. Known to be the Rebels, youth today prefer inspirational figures like Bhagat singh over Gandhiji. Unconventional and uncontrollable, it is hard to bind them with any restrictions. They often challenge restrictions and rules laid by authorities and elders. This attitude becomes a plus point when it comes to fighting against injustice or anything which is wrong. But, it becomes a consequence if the revolt is for a wrong cause.

A huge number of youth today see their elders as a hurdle in their path of freedom. This makes them ungrateful and disrespectful towards them. They consider their age to be the only chains keeping them tied to their parents, so leave them after certain age. This is a growing scenario among youths of urban areas. Restrictions laid on an individual are sometimes to prevent him/her from making mistakes. So it is very important for the youth to understand the reason behind every restriction before they revolt against it.

After the Rebellious attitude, the other Trait found in almost all Indian youths today is Impatience. Earlier which was known as a bad quality in an individual, today is considered as a trend. We can agree that in this fast moving world, everyone wants things to be done quickly and have become impatient. But the youngsters have taken this obsession over speed to a complete different level. Impatience in youngsters can be characterized by their ‘Need for Speed’ attitude. This attitude has affected various aspects of society starting from communication to even relationships. Communication for youngsters mainly means SMS, Facebook, and other chatting options available today over mobile or various computational devices. Each of these technologies available today aspire to beat each other in terms of  speed, as the youth who make major part of their customer base  demands so. Not only they need speed over the network and devices, but they have even modified the languages to increase their speed of texting or chatting. We all are well aware of the SMS language today available, where English words are shortened by omitting the vowels present in them or short forms of words are created. Most of the teenagers today have a typing speed in mobile better then the speed they can operate a calculator or even perform simple arithmetic manually.

The impatience is not only limited to SMS language, there are large number of Internet slangs which have emerged. People no more Joke, they Troll (internet slang). Especially in India this trend has reached such a point, where even different languages are mixed, like the so called ‘Hinglish’ where both terms of Hindi and English are used in same sentence. Teenagers often tend to get so accustomed to those slangs that they even use it in there academics and eventually forget the correct terms associated to those slangs and abbreviations.

The motto of attaining speed doesn’t stop here, and when added with the ‘Uncontrollable Curiosity’ they together make the youth vulnerable. This Characteristics of Youth stands out to be both their strength and weakness. The Curiosity gives them a rational attitude to gain more knowledge and also makes them an opportunist. In such cases the Internet and media available does provide a good platform to acquire knowledge. This attitude also makes them eager to explore new opportunities, exploit and experience them to the fullest. Thus we can see young entrepreneurs coming up in society who challenge the conventional, yet succeed. At the same time, this Uncontrollable curiosity tempts them to commit several mistakes. This Curiosity is which makes them take a first drag of smoke, first drink and such mistakes which usually lead them on the wrong path. The Internet, which provides Information and knowledge, doesn’t have limits on ethical grounds or any check on the content. Porn, Unethical websites, gambling and similar dangerous content are today available even to teenagers through websites. Thus temptation and curiosity to experience everything also can be harmful.

The Impatience of today’s generation can be well explained with respect to their relationships. The lifetime of relationships seem to be rapidly decreasing as compared to the olden days. Before, love would be like a 5 course meal and today it’s a Fast food. The amount of time a young couple take to get into relationship, breakup and bounce back to another gives Goosebumps to older generations. No more, relationships are about poetry, long letters or grand gestures. The phrase ‘Love at first sight’ can today be extended to ‘Love at first sight, Hate after a few!’ Individuals must understand, choosing a life partner is not simple as choosing a mobile phone (which they may argue, is even more complicated) and relationships are a matter of endurance and patience.

The amount of Impatience is directly proportional to the restlessness and tendency to get bored, and all those are quite high in today’s youth. Impatience never helps in terms of making decisions or in a journey to attain something. The urge of fast results, makes the youth to usually give up on something when they fail in first few attempts. This attitude doesn’t help in terms of career or education.

Impatience yet important, all these strength and the weaknesses together make up the major part of our country- the Youth. 

So it is crucial for the elders around them to understand them and the youth to understand their own potentials for betterment of society and our country. As a phase of life, Youth can be termed as the “Transformation from being Innocent and Cute to Hardcore and Serious.” So everyone must live this part of life to the fullest before they lose all the innocence and have to get serious.


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