"Nothing to Write"- a curse for the Poets

Have Joined blogging Challenge to write everyday in the month of October.

I am really enjoying this.

Have successfully finished half of this task, with 15 days & 15 posts done.

It was really fun  as topics came to me and I wrote everyday on my way back from work.

Today I am stuck, After 15 days of UltraBlogging & UltimatBlogging
I have just 15 mins before I can put up another post.
Had a long day and the topics I have, need some research to be done and some time into writing.

What to do??

My poetry comes to rescue me with a poem I found completely relevant to the context here.

This was written by me some years back when I had just found poetry...

At that time after writing 3-4 poems a day, I would still want to write more....I would be devoid of topics, that's when I realize that is the worse part of a poet's journey.

I call it
Nothing to Write.


  1. Nothing itself has got the thing in it....Good one friend......Set daily but rise brighter everyday!!!

    1. Thanks Rakshitha for reading...
      And well said.
      Set daily, rise brighter..

      Keep reading.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. There is always something to write, even 'nothing' :-)

    1. Agree.... This poem stands as proof :)
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Look at the best part, you wrote about no having anything to write :-) Nice!


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