Super Diwali with Super Souls

Diwali, the festival of light.
We look forward to this darkest new moon night every year. It brightens our life & makes everyone feel blessed.

Diwali is all about Family & sharing with them, time, sweets, gifts & happiness.

We all have lots of memories from childhood starting from listening to mythological stories from our grandparents, waiting for dad to come home with sweets & firecrackers, aarti with the whole family, shopping for new clothes,  sneaking into the kitchen to have a extra mithai and giving & receiving of gifts.

All these put together form memorable moments of our lives.

Last year, on Diwali we found a different way of celebrating Diwali to add up to the happiness.

Deepawali is fusion of two
Sanskrit words.
'Deep' which means lamp & 'Awali' which means a line or series.

Series of happy memories & enlightenment in our lives is what was initiated last Diwali

We, volunteers at a NGO: Super Souls found a new Family.

Preeti Sadana, Katil, Mangalore.

We organised Deepavali Celebrations for the children of Preeti Sadana Orphanage, Kateel on 1st November 2013, Friday.

It felt good to create a festive environment by decorating the orphanage with miniature Diwali lanterns(Goodu-deepa) which we made prior to the visit.

We had got stationery materials to teach the children how to make those lanterns. Some of the children surprised us with their own improvisations.

The kids too added to the decorations with the lanterns which they made.

Than we spent time with them playing games & watching "Tom & Jerry" while they enjoyed the Diwali refreshments  given to them.

We were overwhelmed when children gave feedback and expressed gratitude for visiting and celebrating the festival in their institution and requested to do many more of such events.

We left with the promise of coming back
and with the place decorated with smiles and lanterns.

Since then we have visited Preeti Sadana & conducted many programmes for them.
We cherish the bond which is created & the feeling of being their family.

I recommend everyone to experience this joy of giving, where the smiles of the recipients will get engraved into your memories.

Don't just donate money. 
Give your time & love to them,
For when you will give, more will come back to you.
This Diwali get a new Family.

Even this time Super Souls are geared up, with increased volunteers & at different locations we look forward to a Super Diwali

This post is inspired by #GharWaliDiwali

There's no Diwali like a Diwali with family. 

Go to this link to send wishes to your family & share your #GharWaliDiwali stories.


  1. Hi Anirudh
    Happy Diwali to you , your Family and the NGO Preeti Sadana ( Mangalore )

    1. Thanks for reading Sujata.
      Very Happy diwali to you & your family.

  2. What a great way to celebrate family with those who are less fortunate in that area. Happy Diwali!

  3. Today..November 1st .. Last year ,was when you made them smile, hope so god will always .. make u smile so that u make others smile too.....
    Thoughtfull writing.......!!!!


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