Not Girlfriend! She is my Friend who turns out to be a Girl.

Love is in the air??
Is it...we need Sheldon!!

I value friendship more than Puppy love.

And I do have  friends who happen to be Girls.

Its hard for people to believe that a girl and a guy can be just friends... Good friends.

Reason for this is maybe the
"Couple's point" hype going around, where I get to see a couple in every corner with their public display of love for their baby , shonas and what not...
Now that is "Chutzpah"

Anyhow to put out what I feel about friendship and why I prefer it over love....
This poem is dedicated to all my friends, and  a reminder to them that how special they are..


Our friendship is our freedom
not strings, nor anyone a puppet 
neither any shackles of commitment
no place for insecurity,
nothing comes with a the tag "mandatory"

Our friendship is the truth
not praise, nor any need to please
neither grand gestures
no place for useless flattery,
even true is the mockery

Our friendship is happiness
not tears, nor scars
neither a broken heart
no place for sleep less nights,
even funny are the fights

Our friendship is forever
no breaks, nor breakups
neither reasons to cheat 
no place for possessiveness,
its simple belief and not fake promises


P.S. I know everyone has a urge to have a special someone in their life. I am no exception. But I  leave it to destiny to decide and would not want to chase around possible Girl friend prospects.

Ya maybe this is my excuse for being ugly ;)


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