Biking- Pride & Passion

This one is a Guest post by 
Shrinidhi K Bhat

We had collaborated on writing this, where he wrote the article and I coupled it with a poem.

On his Red Beast- Yamaha R15 we have toured many a places and thus created many memorable moments of our Engineering life.

Yamaha R15 trekking Kerela
moments before trek in Ranipuram, Kerala

So this post is dedicated to my Biker Friend & Brother!! 

Thia was written for
World Motorcycle Day.

First of all I wish all my fellow riders a very happy world motorcycle day as well as happy world music day. For those of you who do not know, 21st June is celebrated as World motorcycle day as well as World music day. We all know how our bikes are a symphony to our ears.
I say 4 wheels move the body and 2 wheels move the soul. People travelling in a 4 wheeler look at the world through a frame. The bikers are people who are a part of the environment and become one with the nature when they ride their motorbikes. The feeling that one gets when the wind brushes through his/her face is beyond the description of words. Motorcyclists, bikers, sport riders, touring riders, are only a few of our names as we spin our wheels around the globe.
We drift away from the problems of our ordinary jobs or lives, escaping the confines that bind us in society.  Is there any better reason to become obsessed with this sport, passion, pursuit, recreation, love?  Ever since the late 1800s when the cycle was transformed into a motorized vehicle, man, woman, and child has become enthralled with riding the two, and often three wheeled vehicle known as the motorcycle.  Not even the freedom experienced as children as we whisked around the city, the town, or maybe the farm prepared us for the excitement we'd feel as we powered off on a small, medium or large motorcycle.
India is a country of different religions, cultures etc. But biking doesn't ask you, to what religion you belong or where are you from. It is a passion which all people share with two wheels as a common denominator. In a beautiful country as ours touring is a very important factor what has been the cause for the development of the biking community. When it comes to travelling people go for buses, cars, bikes etc. I myself am a biking person. Biking invokes a passion within a person. It gives a feeling of oneness with the environment. The feeling of pleasure one gets while riding a motorbike is immense and delightful.
Biking is already a culture in many American n European countries. In India it is slowly getting widespread among the youth and the veterans. From the first motorbike in the 19th century to the present day motorbikes it has been a constant evolution. There are different categories of bikes available in the modern day market. From commuters to sports, from dirt bikes to tourers, stunting etc there are different varieties available. Likewise the price also varies depending upon the class of the bikes. But no matter what bike a person has if he is a rider he is a part of the brotherhood.
There are a lot of biking groups all over India. Some of them are Harley Owners Group (HOG), Group of Delhi Superbikes (GODS), Royal Enfield etc. Even our coastal city of Mangalore is getting into the groove and many biking groups have come up.. There are the YRC, Revlimiterz, Naked Wolves, Mangalore Jawa Yezdi Motor Club, Coastal Superbikes etc.. There are events like Rider Mania (exclusively for Royal Enfield motorcycles), India Bike Week etc held every year to promote biking. Riders from various parts of the country gather in the venue and celebrate biking.

People form groups of bikers and set together on journeys. We also meet new people, get to know about them, share our experiences and move ahead with our respective journeys. Whatever feeling one may have, but when he/she gets on her bike and rides off they forget everything around them and be contented that they are on their bikes and riding.
Motorbikes are also used as stunting utilities. People perform death defying stunts on the bike. Most are professionals with proper safety precautions and unending practice. The people have also responded well to these stunt shows and show immense support.
Along with biking comes a state of responsibility on and off the road. It is reported that India has the highest casualty rates of two wheelers in road accidents all over the world. In this regard we should create more awareness amongst the people about the importance of safety gear and also following the traffic rules. According to me helmets are supposed to be made a compulsion in all parts throughout the country. Helmets which comply with the standards of safety of the rider must be made mandatory.
The Indian government has launched a road safety awareness program earlier this year. According to this 11th to 17th January is coined as the safety awareness week. The motto of this program is, when on road we should always say "Pehle Aap". This initiative would help to prevent many accidents in the near future.

From wherever one might belong to, from whatever religion/culture he/she is from when it comes to the biking fraternity we all are a family. This is all just a touch of what our mad motorcycle obsessions are about.  We're obsessed with the machines we ride.  We're obsessed with the clothes and gear we wear while riding.

 We're also obsessed about the miles we put on or the turns that we put behind us.  It is our passion, our recreation, our release, our excitement.  It is our obsession, it is our mania!

Power on! Happy Journey. Live to Ride.

Being the pillion :D 
I have compiled this....
A short Poem to go With the Article


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