A Letter beyond the physical realms for Charlie, from Cedar

I will stay mum and let the post talk for itself


A Letter.

To Charlie,

Today, I lay here unwanted & neglected besides the umbrella stand in this derelict house as I write.
I am happy for you but I ache of the pain caused by being abandoned.
The house reeks of a stench caused by loneliness, yes it did before too. But then we had each other and our presence together somehow always fought this ill stench.
I don't wish to complain, I am happy for you.
We have gone ages together. Every morning you would greet me with a smile. We would then go on a morning walk, the sidewalk in marine drive. Watching the waves crash into the vivid rocks we would go thru and fro.
The bench where we used to sit will also miss us. We would sit there till the silent streets would get busy with then hustle and bustle of morning office goers. Occasionaly you would remember your Family when you saw a happy couple on their morning jog. You never told me much about them, I never asked.
I know you never needed me for the purpose my kind serve. I was more than that for you. I was the one, what was left of your family. I then was your only family. With the burden of regrets & pain on your shoulder too you never became weak, you never tried to push your weight on me. I admired you for that, your independence.
They said your body was strong, but your heart weak. Its obvious, physically you were steadfast yet emotionally a mess. Entangled in the turmoil of feelings, you were filled with sorrow. A false pretence of being strong came down only in the dark of the night. You would silently cry. I could always see you from he same place where I lay even today. What could I do? I regret being so impotent. I lost you to the same sorrow.
I am happy for you, at least you are in a better place far from those worldly sorrows and emptiness.
After you are gone, I feel like the basis of my existence is shattered. Carved into excellence from the finest of the cedar woods from Himalayas, I still stay strong. The intriguing details on my brass handle still stay intact and make me grand. Still, i feel so human, Humanely weak and hollow from inside. No it is not termites, its loneliness creeping into me.
I heard someone say, they will be putting a garage sale to sell all that is left here. I don't mind being taken away. I would be glad to serve my purpose, to help a fragile one walk straight. To be a support for the old. I wont mind bearing the weight pushed on me and squeaking, but will miss making that floor tapping sound. I will miss being called "Cedar", the name you gave me.
What I will miss the most is being a friend and not just a piece of wood.

From yours,
Cedar, the walking cane.

Photo courtesy: incrediblecanes.com


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