Univercell Sync- The Tech-Sperience in Colaba

When you hear about a tech or mobile store, the image you would get in mind is of a huge intimidating store with all random gadgets and electronics put on display entangled in security measures.
univercell sync, colaba

What people at Univercell Sync have achieved breaks this Stereotype and defines a whole different experience. Last Saturday, IndiBlogger invited Bloggers to visit Univercell Sync, Colaba to explore the store. I was fortunate to be part of this drive.
Situated at a prime location Colaba causeway, finding Univercell Sync was not at all difficult. What I expected was another normal stroll through the confusing lanes of gadgets, brands and technology.

univercell sync, colaba
The moment I stepped in, my misconceptions were cleared.  Unlike regular Tech stores, there was nothing scary about the store. It wasn't a disturbing randomness of mind blogging technology. Instead, I quote the Marketing head "It was an Ecosystem of Mobiles and Technology". The blend of soothing colors, neat decors  and welcoming faces of the staff there did open up my mind.
The store didn't just put out mobile phones randomly on display, neither according to the brands. Salim from the store explained to me what Sync was all about. There were categories according to the Experience. The concept of Sync was thus explained. I agree this is the ideal way to choose a new phone, according to what we need the phone for and what excites us.

Providing Mobiles, Accessories, Tablets, Sim Cards , Recharge and  Maintenance Services, Univercell sync today has 500 stores all over India. 
univercell sync, colaba

The Experiences categorized are as below.

Point and Shoot(Imaging)

univercell sync, colaba
univercell sync, colaba

Unlike other stores which may not allow you to click pics in the premises, Univercell Sync welcomes the customer to experiment on his/her photography skills. On the right what you see is a column where you can take fun photos holding any of the frames with the Point and Shoot Background. Some phones which are optimal for photography are kept nearby so that one can click pics and compare the imaging capabilities of the phones.

univercell sync, colaba

Work and Play

univercell sync, colaba

This section was all about hardcore productivity. It has accessories which are makes  frequent and optimal use of phones easy. With smartphones focused on Business related functionality and good specifications as per speed and performance. The message "Dream it, Create it, Deliver it" is just apt for this section of mobiles and accessories. 

univercell sync, colaba

univercell sync, colaba

univercell sync, colaba
Who doesn't like Music! Any person who walks into the store will surely spend some time in this section. This section had the best names in Music related accessories. I too did spend most of my time here. Reason being the music experience loaded into every phone, and what added to that was the line of mobile skins available in this section.
univercell sync, colaba

New and Noteworthy(Latest)
Tech World is all about being updated with the Latest. You are either Updated or Outdated. This section was all about the latest gadgets which are creating a buzz in the market. Not piling up too many, this section is more precise to its name. The phones on display were Lenovo S850, Sony Xperia and LG G2.
univercell sync, colaba

Junior Sync(Tablet Area for Kids)
I doubt any other Mobile showroom would have come up with such a novel concept. A section exclusive for kids with tablets loaded with games and edutainment apps. So parents can leave their kids here while they shop and explore the store undisturbed.

univercell sync, colaba

Budget Area(Low Budget Smart-Phones)

Budget area/MRP area and many different names Salim listed out to me, while he explained how this section was for those who wish to purchase smartphones in affordable prices. Covering this category well, on display were brands starting from Micromax and even reaching out to Samsung, this section had phones under a certain price range. 

Little Things(Sim Card, Dongle, Memory card..)

"Small things, make a Big difference" This is well understood by
Univercell. Keeping this section closer to the cash counter, so that customers can be reminded of the small add-ons which their phone may need. Sim cards with awesome offers, Memory cards, Mobile Covers and skins,..  everything which fits in the list of small was kept in this section.

univercell sync, colaba

Cash Counter and Sync Service 

This part of the store covered Maintenance and Billing. The amount of space given to this section proved that Univercell does value its customers even after the product is sold.
univercell sync, colaba

Many facilities and concepts in the store are novel and exciting. But what Univercell had achieved through this section is revolutionary.

univercell sync, colaba"Univercell total care" A service program for your phone which can surely be termed as Insurance for your phone. A zero maintenance fee program where the service person collects the phone from your residence and returns it once repaired. Any kind of damage, including Theft and Physical damage is taken care of. Nothing is impossible for Univercell, if non-repairable or the components are no longer available, then you get the phone replaced(one-time) or you can shop for a new gadget from Univercell in the same price range for which you bought your phone. 
univercell sync, colaba

univercell sync, colaba
It doesn't end there, there is more to be said about Univercell Sync, making the tech-sperience even better.
>Wifi Connectivity provided throughout the store.
>Every gadget is loaded with fresh content, suiting to everyone's taste.
>Staff exclusive for each Experience.
I recommend everyone to visit this store once and discover this ultimate destination for Smartphone shopping. I thank IndiBlogger for inviting me to experience this sync between Technology and Ease.


  1. Hello Mr. Poetic Philosopher :) good to see you blogging again! Univercell does seem to be a good crop in the market .good luck!


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