Making my new place, My Home

“Mi casa es sucasa” as it goes in Spanish "My home is your home" There is nothing sweeter than the feeling of coming back to your home. A wanderer or nomad I would call myself, as relocating has become my regular thing. This relocating has always brought the makesadness of leaving behind friends and the place you connect and relocate with. But it also brings in happiness of making a new place your home.
So this post although is a part of Makemyhome activity at, it is  more of my research of making my new place home.
My new place in Mumbai is a 2-BHK with cream colour walls and dark beige borders. The doors are in chocolate brown colour. Most of the furniture is from my old home in Mangalore. As my Mom connects with shades of cream and ethnic colours, anything I add up to the decor must compliment them. So the theme I would go for is ETHNIC did give a lot of choices and I loved going through them. The collection they have spans over a variety of themes and colours. I am sure everyone who browses through the site would get something or the other, apt as per their choice and home. Below are the three things I selected (it was tough stopping at three...)

Karigaari Jali Ashtavinayak Ganesha Wall Hanging (Product Code: MMH000000022296)

I have a thing for wall hangings, especially the ones made of wood. As Ganesh Chaturthi is coming ahead, this would be a nice purchase. The colour it is coming in, that is brown and glints of orange will go well with the walls of my ho
me. What better than bringing 9 Ganeshas of different postures home on Ganesh Chaturthi. So Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!

Aapno Rajasthan Warli Painting on Large Mirror (Product Code: MMH000000021516)
I have read that a mirror facing North or East  direction is good for Vastu. I am not much into Vastu but I would really like this idea, as I have a vacant wall facing the North direction which I would like to beautify. The mirror and the concept of Vastu is not all, the frame is also exquisite. With carvings of Warli painting, this is a thing to be admired. Call me self-obsessed or insecure, but I am surely going for this decor for my room.

Carribbean Carpet (Product Code: MMH000000001767)
As I mentioned about my liking for wall hangings, always keeps me restricted in my selection of decor for home. This time I would like to make a exception, and select something which does not go on the wall. This carpet in the pictures itself calls out 'Sheer Comfort'. The look of hand made woolen carpet makes me want it right next to my bed, everyday waking up and feeling this carpet below their feet would make anyone feel pampered and special. The colour it is coming in would go with any kind or colour of floor I assume. What I am sure of is, it will go well with my home.
So these are the three things I would like to pick from to make my new place feel like home. Thank you .
Mi casa es Sucasa.


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