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Univercell Sync- The Tech-Sperience in Colaba

When you hear about a tech or mobile store, the image you would get in mind is of a huge intimidating store with all random gadgets and electronics put on display entangled in security measures. What people at Univercell Sync have achieved breaks this Stereotype and defines a whole different experience. Last Saturday, IndiBlogger invited Bloggers to visit Univercell Sync, Colaba to explore the store. I was fortunate to be part of this drive. Situated at a prime location Colaba causeway, finding Univercell Sync was not at all difficult. What I expected was another normal stroll through the confusing lanes of gadgets, brands and technology. The moment I stepped in, my misconceptions were cleared.  Unlike regular Tech stores, there was nothing scary about the store. It wasn't a disturbing randomness of mind blogging technology. Instead, I quote the Marketing head "It was an Ecosystem of Mobiles and Technology" . The blend of soothing colors, neat deco

Naming The Poem - In the Name of Commercialization

Almost Everything We know or do today is somehow having a commercial side to it.  Marketing, Trends and Networking are the words which keep on ringing in one's mind these days. Streets and Highways bounded by huge hoardings giving out advertisements. Advertisements of products claiming to be better than others...the best. Social Networking Sites bombarded with Competitions with Hash tags and back links. One can fill his/her Home with goodies obtained from Digital marketing , just by being online all day and hunting for such opportunities. The extent of Marketing has reached such levels that I couldn't resist framing a poem about it. Some Professional writers say that Social media today has killed real poetry. They claim that Poetry is something only for the Professionals. But I don't agree. Poems may not be perfect for commercialization  and Yes poems are what gives content and adds meaning to a writer's life. Still, one truly enjoys his writings by shari

Pune to Mumbai, Overcoming the fear!

"Please pay attention, Pune to Mumbai Deccan express will be arriving shortly at platform number two" The speakers at Pune station blared.  This was the last announcement to be made about the train. Vinay had a choice to make. He was in the queue to take tickets. At this time, reservation bookings were closed. He tried hard, but any amount of money couldn't bend these rules. General was the only option now. So he was here, only 2 mins for the train to come and Four people ahead in the line. He was not sure yet. Somewhere deep inside he hoped that the average ticket booking time of the official behind the counter must be more than 60 seconds/person. Somewhere deep, he wanted to miss the train He was also thinking of excuses to make. One of which was "There was a long queue at the ticket counter, and I missed the train " Like always though, Indian railways always surprises you. The official was fast enough. There was one minute for the train to come and no

Making my new place, My Home

“Mi casa es sucasa” as it goes in Spanish  "My home is your home" There is nothing sweeter than the feeling of coming back to your home. A wanderer or nomad I would call myself, as relocating has become my regular thing. This relocating has always brought the makesadness of leaving behind friends and the place you connect and relocate with. But it also brings in happiness of making a new place your home. So this post although is a part of Makemyhome activity at , it is  more of my research of making my new place home. My new place in Mumbai is a 2-BHK with cream colour walls and dark beige borders. The doors are in chocolate brown colour. Most of the furniture is from my old home in Mangalore. As my Mom connects with shades of cream and ethnic colours, anything I add up to the decor must compliment them. So the theme I would go for is ETHNIC did give a lot of choices and I loved going through them. The collection they have spans over a var