Untold Explorations - DAY2 - Dalhousie Musings

A hill from back in the time.

Hello everyone,

This post is part of a travelogue series that I have been writing on my recent Trip with Untold Tales(Facebook link)
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Disclaimer: This post might have been ended up more of my musings about Dalhousie rather than a travelogue. Aggey apki marzi...

Did you love the slow but visually delightful canvas of the Bollywood movie Lootera, then you will definitely create a connection with Dalhousie.
If you are one who stays in the city out of circumstances and dreams of someday being lost in a town in the hills, then you would fall for this place.

What I would recommend for people to do in Dalhousie is something I couldn't do.
If you were on a planned trip like me with a itinerary and Dalhousie is one of the 7-8 places you go then yes go about your itinerary and experience the Touristy places.
but Dalhousie is a kind of place you must come to get lost, take those quiet walks of solitude on the hills(Daikund, Kalatop and Ganji pahad) and let your mind feel the comfort of being at rest.

Don't have strict schedules,
just sit on a fallen log maybe for long enough,
find a sweet spot for a great view and just get lost in it for a while.
take long breaths and just be.

and maybe while you do all this you can humm the song fro Lootera
"Mujhe chhod do mere haal pe, zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai"

Still from Song Zinda hoon yaar, Lootera. Shot in Kalatop, Dalhousie
Now lets get back to reality and my travelogue. 😁😁

Gandhi Chowk, Garam Sadak

As I said, We had less time so our trip was all about Shopping and eating in mall road and Khajjiar.

There are many mall roads in Dalhousie all having busy narrow streets and several view points. Also you will find many tibetan markets around those mall roads.

Also this was the time during the trip when I fell sick and couldn't do much, I am very thankful to all my fellow travelers who took good care of me and I recovered within a day.

We UtExplorers stayed in Mongas Hotel which had amazing morning breakfast buffet, Gandhi Chowk and the mall road adjoining to it were easily accessible to us so that is where we went to enjoy street food and shopping.

Mall Road Entrance

The street names here were quite funny, one named Garam Sadak and one named Thandi Sadak both meeting at the Mall Road entrance.

The street food here was amazing and as we were starving the time we reached mall road, we couldn't click many pictures. These are the few clicks I managed to get.

The Gandhi Chowk mall road we went to ended at a parking lot, which was a view point too. These pictures are from there....

The scenic beauty of course would not be possible to be captured so easily in those pictures.

These few pictures are from before the time I fell sick, soon after this set of selfies I had to rush towards our Hotel room as a result of feeling unwell.
So that is the reason one must always take care extra care when travelling.

Like every other hill station, Dalhousie is getting crowded by number or hotels coming up everywhere.
If you are getting a hotel, look for the perfect view where perfect would mean one from where you could get the view of Pir Panjal snow clad mountains without any obstruction.

In my next post I will write about our trip to Khajjiar and  Beeji Park,  by this time I had recovered so I will have more information and stories to share 😊😊😊

Till then,
Tata bye bye.

Poetic Philosophere.


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