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Anidhud to Anirudh - My Storytelling video

How much power can a word have in your life? Presenting a story close to my heart... One I always wanted to share with the world. Was never sure if I would be able to do justice to it... Still nervous as I share this with you all.... Open to feedback. Do share if you like. Huge thanks to OneNest studios for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. Regards, Poetic Philosopher.

From Resignation to #Cycling2Work! - Part 3

Hello Reader, In the gap between my last post to this, a lot has changed. Thankfully a lot. Important update: Yes I left that IT Job which I was talking about in my previous posts. (Crowd cheers) But soon I joined another smiliar job the following weekend (Crowd facepalms) Of course, one has to keep the income steady and flowing. BTW quitting IT is not in my books soon. I do enjoy what I do and this change of job now gives me a lil breathing space and I am positive about not repeating the same mistakes again.... (Thinks about writing another blog post on things not to do at a IT Job) OK Now I will get back to my topic, I have not cycled for 25 days now, that is for different reasons though. I still would like to continue writing these chapters and cover up the whole journey of cycling. This is a continuation of the below series