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4G Speeds for the Frequent Traveller in me

I write this post while on my way to Bangalore. A journey I am taking alone, but am I really alone? Oh, being alone is now a myth with the mobile connectivity on the go. So yes I have my smartphone and Tab with me to keep me entertained or at least busy all the way. Mumbai to Bangalore, they say it is 19hours... But eventually with all the traffic jam and delay becomes a 24 hour journey. There is a need to be connected all the way as my team is having a major event in Bangalore and it needs coordination among all of us. Can I rely on my Smartphone? Necessity at this moment is Good Power backup & Good Network. I am prepared. For the power requirement, I have a Power Bank and for the network I am equipped with Airtel. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox & Google all applications are running in the back end and I am drafting my blog post in praise for the network I am using. Airtel. So while on twitter I get to know that Airtel has introduced something to add up to