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Decoding the #SniffSniff Quest

The quest began a week back when I joined the set of lucky bloggers to be selected by blogadda for the #SniffSniff activity Only a hash-tag was revealed "#sniffsniff" So the first guess was it had something to do with the sense of smell, little did we know it will surprise us multiple times. So the quest started and a mysterious box reached home. On this blue box was the words #sniffsniff written and inside were some very interesting yet wierd props. A folded note with a face drown on the outer side and a Clip. Inside was the hint "Clothes Clips are for the Clothes line, not your nose As for body odour, tweet/Blog about how you Control it using #SniffSniff in your PROSE!" They asked for prose, but themselves took the liberty of being poetic. How could I resist? My tweet said "#SniffSniff Trivia is simple Either you are equipped with a Good deodorant, or you smell like a rodent" Yes it was quite obvious, the clues were h

Ping Pay by Axis Bank- a social mobile payment app.

When it comes to Mobile Bankimg, Axis Bank always come out to be the pioneers of new concepts and technology. Some lucky bloggers were selected to meet the creators of this app and experience it first hand, I was one of them. So this post is a brief on their new app "Ping Pay" As the name signifies, Ping Pay app is bringing together mobile payments and mobile messaging. Ping Pay allows users to transfer funds seamlessly to anyone they are connected to using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Phone Contact Lists, i.e. the most influential messenger options of a current smartphone. Bringing social networking and payments together doesn't only include doing transactions among your friends and foes. Ping Pay also allows users to share digital content like text, images, audio and video, while sending/asking for money/mobile recharge, infact it is the only app with this support. When it comes to our smartphone, easy to use apps and fun interface is what is nee