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Today's Blog Prompt is
"Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao"
Indiblogger gave us bloggers a chance to speak on how a family member guided and encouraged us to grow into a better, more self-reliant person.
This combined with HDFC life's ( #MyFamilyMyPride ad film made me write this post.
The video is embedded at the end of the post.

"Self-Reliant, Focused, Responsible"
Quite heavy words huh?
Until a certain age our lives are all about having fun, taking it as it comes. Realising one's responsibilities and taking a path towards fulfilling them is part of growing up, maturing and life over all.
Everyone has those times in their life when they realise their responsibilities and grow into a better person. Those times are memorable. Our loved ones hugely contribute to this transformation along with the situations in our life. Our family, Our friends or if you are little late on the realisation checkpoint than your
For me the first transformation came 7 years back.
I was the kind of kid who was hard to fool, or maybe was way too irresponsible. Starting from 10th board exams to 12th, we were always told that those exams are very important in our life. I didn't believe them at all! I knew the trick, every next exam they had the same dialogue.
Not that I was some genius who would have made it to the IIT, I just drifted through all those exams doing my thing. Having fun, enjoying every day as it came. Last day studies was my thing and it got me through all the exams with decent marks too.
Once I passed out of 12th grade in Science, it was time for me to decide what career option I plunge into, which college I would go to. For my interest in Computers I had announced at my house whatever I get into that would have to do with computers, that was for my career option. For college, my laziness was priority and the nearest to home was preferable. My marks in computers in 12th grade were also impressive so no one objected at home. Saying all this, I went away roaming and enjoying the vacations.
While the careless me was away, Mom got my Computer science engineering seat arranged in the nearest college. I got a call from home, mom gave me the news and told me when my college starts. I didn't know how Mom got that arranged as even though my marks in Computers were good, those in competitive entrance exams were not so great. But mom had done it for me, even with all our financial problems. My Computer Science engineering seat in a college nearest to my house, as I had asked for. That was the moment the realization hit me.
So for me it was Mom who brought that change in me. That day I realised, her repetitive attempts to get our(me & brother) career and life on track must be respected. I decided to pursue Engineering with proper dedication, learn the trade and get into a.good job. So I did. Soon after Engineering I had a job. Mom wanted to get back to Mumbai, where brother was. So this time, I did something for her and selected job location in Mumbai and we shifted back here.

So yes, my Mother was the one person in my life who got me in track and made me a self-reliant person.

Thank you Mom. Love you.


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