Relocating to Mumbai-#StartANewLife

“Change is inevitable”
Yes it is, but so is anarchy in my mind when it comes to making big decisions.

Born & brought up in Mumbai, I had shifted to Mangalore 7 years back.
The starting few years, I was very much eager to get back to Mumbai. If you go back to the initial posts of my blog, I have written repeatedly about the same.

For me home was Mumbai. It was my story in the initial two years away from Mumbai.

Then I joined Engineering there.
Ended up making awesome new friends, exploring Mangalore and nearby locations(Oh! I have not done enough, it has so much more to offer), developing some new talents, starting a NGO with my friends and so many new life experiences.

From all the movies we have watched, experiences if we had and the novels we have read everyone today knows what fun Engineering is, but in the end a Engineering student's 4 years of life concludes to.
“Package kitna hai?”(How much is your salary?)
I was no different. It was final year and the interviews started. I attended a few. Job  locations varied from Bangalore, Gujarat and even Chennai. 

Firstly the thought of going away from Mangalore didn't excite me anymore. The bonds that I had created, the NGO, the memories we have made together, the ups & downs of Engineering everything had got me so attached to Mangalore. It was my new Home now. But life was determined to make feel like a nomadic tribe.

Relocation was inevitable!

After some interviews came one with a job location in Mumbai. I was hopeful, at least if life cornered me and makes me relocate again, at least I will do to a place I prefer. I attended the interview and got selected(it wasn't that easy, only two got selected from my college among 30-35 who attended). The package here was not so impressive, but we were informed about that way before. Yet, I felt relieved. Even, my mother was happy as she was also eager to shift back to Mumbai where brother was working too.

By now, my college came up with a new rule according to which if a student gets two jobs he would not be allowed to attend any more interviews. It was like the law against Hoarders, who would hoard resources with them resulting into shortage of the resources..LOL
But it was a good rule. 

Everyone got cautious, choice of interviews was also important now.
“What if we attended a interview and got a job for a lower package, thus missing a chance at better job & higher package interview?”
It all seemed funny to me. Maybe because I had a backup, my Mumbai job.

Some weeks later another interview came up, we friends were bored by lectures so thought of attending this. We went all the way and gave the interview. I got selected again, here they were giving out offer letters if selected at the second day of Interview itself. The package was higher this time. It was 40% more. It was alluring! The job location was Chennai...Duh!

That moment the job location did not matter, I could only see the big figures. Mom and brother were equally happy. I got a call from Mumbai same day, I was supposed to revert on the mail informing whether I will join or not.

So Mumbai or Chennai?
Chennai....was decided.

Seems like the end of story right?
No it was not, surprising to myself as days passed I was started getting doubts about the decision taken. But there was no chance of getting back to Mumbai as it was already 4 months and I had not replied to their mail.

I was surprised about how a higher package did not excite me anymore. I was only later that I realized the true meaning of earning and spending, till then my understanding was limited to “More the package, more Happiness”(Silly right!) 

As days passed, I got nervous. Many of my friends who knew me well had warned me this would happen. Some said when it happens stay focused and remember the package, others who knew better said “You belong in Mumbai”
But then there was no escape, the deadline to reply to the Mumbai mail was gone long back. Soon we were called to Chennai to discuss about the job. There was a chance that we would be sent abroad too. We were asked to bring with “Visa processing fees”
This is when I got cautious, or maybe I got a excuse. I announced at home that I was having doubts about this job. One day of scoldings from Mom, next day i was at the railway station booking tickets to Chennai.

The doubts had now turned into realizations. I wanted to go to Mumbai or else stay in Mangalore, but no more a nomad. I had even started writing poems on how my life was a sequence of re-locations.

I had the whole mess going on in my mind but on the surface I was the happy guy with a good package.
See how “Package kitna hai?” question screws us
My friends could not be fooled, they sensed the inner anarchy in me. There were a few intervention sessions held. At one such sessions, my smart friend countered all my arguments with a simple solution.
I quote her “Call the Mumbai wala company, ask them if the offer is still open. If no, then its okay. If yes, you will have your choice and then you can decide”
I did exactly the same thing. I called them. Yes selected again! Luckily, the HR who was handling campus recruitment was on maternity leave and no one asked me why I had not replied to the mail earlier. They told the offer was still open and the date of joining was same. 

Date of joining was 20 days later.
I made the decision, I canceled the tickets to Chennai.
So I had 20 days to implement my decision of shifting to Mumbai. My brother got angry of my sudden change of decision and declined of any support in the beginning(later he did). Mom understanding my situation said “Do whatever makes you happy” 

Last 20 days in Mangalore, but I didn't have much time to get emotional. 

It was a bold decision taken, but shifting was no cake-walk. Finding affordable and good Packers & Movers, getting all documents transferred, finding a place in Mumbai, changing address in all documents, informing all, getting tickets to Mumbai(ya it is a challenge too in peak season). 

When the day finally came, it was all done! Phew! Everything was last minute, like everything I do but then I am an engineer. We  master the art of getting things done in last minute.

The morning I reached Mumbai was my date of joining. 

Today 8 months after I have moved to Mumbai, I have never regretted my decision.
Felt as if Mumbai very happily took me back. It was not exactly a homecoming, but then this is my new home now.
Thanks to Mumbai, I could revive my passion for writing and my blog. 

Thanks to my decision I landed in a good satisfying job. 

Thanks to my family and friends who supported me, I am happy.

P.S. The other job in Chennai which I didn't go to...others who were selected have not yet got the joining date. Yes, Visa registration fees was taken well in advance in  the first meeting.

To talk about what made me go down the memory lane and craft this blog post is this video by

Do watch the video & visit for inspiration in taking your bold decisions.


  1. Home away from home ...good read...Anirudh..

  2. “Do whatever makes you happy” :)

  3. :) I am dealing with relocating to hyderabad

  4. Yay yay yay m jumping readin this post. I was always waitin for this post. Because i remember how desperate you were to go back to Mumbai. Well well well m still excited dat this post has finally happened. It was very entertainin to read. Thanks for this post!


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