Nashta with Guptaiji- Healthy Breakfast Recipes

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”- John Gunther
My mother always used to stress on importance of a healthy breakfast. I remember how in school days she had her routine dialogue every morning when we used to fuss about having breakfast
“Its called breakfast for a reason! Breaking the fast which started from sleeping all night... Its the most important meal of the day” she would say.

Now we all know we need a healthy breakfast, but breaking the night long fast is actually not so easy. If you are not habituated to a healthy wholesome breakfast you usually don't have a appetite for one. Forcing food into yourselves early morning becomes difficult and eventually hunger creeps in soon before lunch.

A habit starts from the first step. The first step towards a Healthy habit becomes easy if there is a little encouragement about the same.
What better encouragement for eating than Taste!

I recently stumbled across this Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta advt. 

I have recently become a breakfast
As this is the only time of the day when I am allowed to be in the kitchen. I start the day early(one of my new year resolutions). So I have the privilege of whipping up my own breakfast, else mom never allows me in the kitchen.
So amused by the advt I went forward to browse what was so special at Guptaji's house. Facebook came to my rescue and I landed on this page

100 mouth-watering recipes, all for a healthy whole some breakfast is what I found!
Never before I had thought that a corn flakes breakfast could be so much interesting. I discovered some easy yet delicious recipes. I went on browsing recipes, and shortlisted a few which I would be soon trying and if possible even blog about the same.

These will be for my busy Weekday Mornings filled with hustle bustle
1. Kellogg's® Luscious Guava Corn Flakes
2. Date Shake
3. Cornflakes Khatta Moong

And  these lip smacking treats are for my leisure Weekends.
1. Cornflake Walnut Chocolate Muffin
2. Fruity Yogurt Cup
3. Cheesy Cornflakes

So yes it would really be fun to go for Nashta at Guptaji's. What better than starting a healthy habit by indulging in delicious home-cooked innovative recipes everyday.

I also realised that most of the ingredients used were a part of the platter my mom would keep ready for us every morning, only 30% of which we would eat. Starting from fruits like Guava to pulses and all well combined into the standard combination of corn flakes & milk. With these delicious recipes it would be so easy to cultivate a habit of having a healthy breakfast everyday.

So Yes, I  am going for Nashta with Guptaji's family and improving on my habit of early mornings with  a healthy & delicious breakfast.

Do visit the facebook page to find those awesome recipes there



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