My Birthday this year- #Together

"Birthday is just a date"
This the statement I used this year to counter questions from my friends regarding by birthday plans this year.
As I mentioned in a post before after shifting to Mumbai from Mangalore I am happy about this decision yet missed my Mangalore friends a lot.

My Birthdays are very important and equally emotional time for me. This is the time of the year when I miss my Dad the most. I remember how he would wish me first in morning as soon as my eyes would open. He would not allow Mom to scold me or brother to trouble me on this particular day. Previous day he would bring packets of chocolates for me to distribute to my classmates, some gift for the class teacher, special chocolates for my best friends and later when he returns from work on my birthday there would be cake and a small party with all the building kids gathered.

I do not miss those parties I had when I was a child, I miss dad's presence. So this day is important for him. He would make it a point to make me happy. On the other hand, I guess Mom preaches the dialogue I started the post with.
Yes, this is the reason I often get teary and emotional on my birthday.

Already a insecure person, on this particular day I wish to have a lot of people around me and I do demand a lot of attention.
Being said all this, this year my birthday plans was not expected to be that great. Last year I had celebrated my birthday in a orphanage with the NGO Super Souls and this time too I wished to do something similar.

Being caught up in work, I was not able to plan anything. The day approached soon and no plans were made. Majority of my friends were mislead by the wrong birthday date on Facebook, rest of them were far to do anything for me. It was a Saturday & so nothing could be planned in office too.

Mind had decided to spend the whole day sleeping so the day started at 2pm for me. The previous midnight calls and my unwillingness to feel bad the whole day together helped me only to this extent. Once awake, the process of feeling bad, unimportant, etc had started.

I got a call, it was my colleague turned sister "Rakshitha", she was well aware of what situation I would be. She asked me to meet her. I did not want her to take the efforts of doing something for me so as to save my now depleting ego. I declined, she continued to call and told me that I have to meet her. After repeated calls, she was successful and I started from my home at around 6pm.
When on the train, I realised I had not told her to not plan anything. I assumed it would be more depressing to celebrate with not much people. Two to be precise.

Once I met her, the smiling face for once brought some enthusiasm to me too. We had a little time of silence while we had tea at our regular tea shop.
Then I asked her "Cake?"
She nodded with a weak smile.
I gave her a irritated look.
"C'mon don't make me feel bad for doing that now!" She said.
We both laughed.
We then went to our regular Hotel "Honest Treat"
The assumption that It would be depressing birthday proved to be wrong when I saw delighted faces of the hotel staff as my sister told them it was my birthday. As we always used to dine there whenever we would get late from work, they all knew us well. Soon I was cutting my birthday cake with many familiar smiling faces around. There was also a hand written note by my sister which really made me feel so special.

We had our dinner and spent some awesome time talking like we always do.
We shared the cake with the hotel staff and I also took some home for Mom and brother.
At the end of the day, I did thank Rakshitha and apologised for being a spoilsport in the beginning.
So yes, good company is all that is required for any day to be happening. As me and my friends in Engineering used to say. "Mehfil doston se banta hai"
#Together we can make any day feel as special as Birthday.
I thank Rakshitha, my sweet sister who made me regain optimism on my birthday this year and made it a memorable one.

Reason I remembered this incident and blogged about it is
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  1. Memorable was the day so is the post..Anirudh...
    Good for you..blogger brother..!!

  2. aww :) god bless her . Sometimes you loose people only to realise you have many more loved ones

    Belated bday wishes


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