Ab tak Chhappan 2, not a comeback for Nana.

ab tak chappan 2 poster
He is?

Ab Tak Chhappan 2, a sequel.

Disappointed, not much to say.

The story is the same old, a cop in a Corrupt system with a small suspense hidden in a stretched out and very abrupt plot.
Starts abruptly but yet bearable as Nana is on screen, explaining how there is no reality & only different perceptions.
The first 15 minutes I was hopeful, as all characters try to convince  "Sadhu Agasthe" (played by Nana Patekar) to rejoin the force. Once he is back, a little momentum is created in the beginning which again fades out as the movie slowly progresses.
He is shown to have relocated to Goa in the beginning, thus they have placed all the scenes well near beaches, ports, etc. I don't see the point when they continue to show beaches even after Nana's Character shifts back to Mumbai. Yes Mumbai too has beaches, but there are better locations to explore which would be better in combination with Mumbai police. Goa was well embedded into the scenes, but Mumbai seems to pass in meagre glimpses.

Same background score though powerful keeps playing every now and then oddly and seems out of sync sometimes.

This is a perfect example of how a brilliant actor & a sequel to a classic movie can also lead to a disaster.

Nana Patekar's movies are always remembered for his powerful dialogues. Here Nana doesn't seem to get much content to pump power into. Yet, he gives his best. 

I fear this comeback movie for Nana Patekar may turn out to be this Go away movie, but then again he is Nana Patekar!

ab tak chappan

Hope to see him more in better movies.


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