Upgrading my Wheels with Quikr NXT

Hello Readers,

Quikr (http://www.quikr.com/) is like one honest companion for me who has been with me since I shifted to Mumbai.

Starting from how I got a place for rent in Mumbai through Quikr, sold my mobile, bought a Gaming console- PSP 3000 and even wrote a blog on how Quikr would help one to happily and conveniently relocate to Bangalore. I have enjoyed all those experiences and it was truly convenient and easy.

Since Quikr launched “Quikr NXT”, I was eagerly waiting to spread the word to my readers about this. Its is really a good step towards making the C2C buying & selling experience hassle free. What better then getting in touch with the buyer or seller through chat without disclosing your number.

So today I am exploring how I could replace my existing car with a new one by making best use of Quikr NXT

Now the Good news doesn't just stop at Quikr NXT, Quikr has also launched “No Fikar Inspected Used Cars”
Yes Quikr has partnered with Carnation Auto to give a option for the sellers to get their Cars inspected and certified. So this a awesome initiative both for Sellers & Buyers where Sellers can get the right value for their car and buyers can buys cars without any “Fikar” or fear.

Getting to the “Cars & Bikes” category and finding out one of my choice listed in my City won't be a challenge at all. The easy traversing and filter wise search will get me there soon.

I will be setting the filter to
  1. “Mumbai” for location
  2. “No Fikar inspected cars”
  3. “Diesel” for Fuel type”

But mind you, its a Car we are talking about. So there is a long list of questions which even after reading the description will be left unanswered for me. Getting answers to these questions of mine will be a challenge. Thanks to Quikr NXT, the challenge is now simplified and I will surely use this way to reaching out to the buyer.

I am a Indian, so you its obvious we get to the point when it comes to our wheels, So here it is “My Questions” ready to go on Quikr NXT.

  • Are you the original owner?  For me, only single-owner vehicles are preferable. I do not want to go through brokers.
  • Why are you selling the vehicle? Now this is not a funny question to ask. I do not know what answer would make me happy, but I would want to ask this for sure.
  • How many miles are on the odometer? “Kms driven:"  will be listed in the Ad. Yet, I would ask this question just to be sure.
  • Was the vehicle ever involved in an accident? Sorry, but I am a little superstitious here.
  • Do you have service records for it?Answer to this question will simply tell me how well the Car was treated when the seller.

Other than all of this, I think “No Fikar inspection” will have covered all of my other concers.
So this is how “Quikr NXT” will make replacing my existing car with something better easy and convenient.


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