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Badlapur, I missed the beginning- Movie Review

I have done wrong I feel. After repeatedly catching all the bollywood movies for past some weeks and writing a review about the same, I missed "Badlapur" I watched it on the day of its Release. Even though I had typed the review praising the movie on the same Friday of its release I didn't post the review. Reason, I missed the beginning. Yes I went into the theatre 15 minutes late. So even though I loved everything in the movie I was unable to press the publish button. Such a irony, the tag line of movie says "Don't miss the begining" and I exactly did that. So I entered at the point where the revenge part has started. I enquired with my other friends and later came to know I had not missed much. There was a burning desire in me to reach out to my readers and say this out loud "It was a awesome movie" So here it is.... The Review Starting with the storyline from what we decipher from the trailers, the main plot was quite obviou

Making the Axis Acquaintance

' Make the Axis Acquaintance' a meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with gave a few bloggers to visit Axis Bank's Corporate Office in Worli, Mumbai. I was among the lucky few to be short listed for this event and attended the same on last Saturday. Unlike the usual late evening events, this was a meet for the professionals. Bankers we must say, all though the folks at Axis were cool & had created a welcoming environment for the bloggers to break the stereotypical image of bankers. The reason for the event was to introduce us bloggers to  "Axis Mobile App" Axis Mobile App is what makes banking & transactions easy, fun & secure. This App is a mobile application for Savings Account holders, Current Account Holders & Credit Card holders of Axis Bank, and also adds to the reasons why one must have a account in Axis bank.  This APP is available for all leading smart phone OS Android iOS Windows Mobile

Upgrading my Wheels with Quikr NXT

Hello Readers, My today's Blog Prompt is “Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!”If you were to replace your existing car with something better, how would do so using Quikr NXT?  Quikr  ( ) is like one honest companion for me who has been with me since I shifted to Mumbai. Starting from how I got a place for rent in Mumbai through Quikr, sold my mobile, bought a Gaming console- PSP 3000 and even wrote a blog on how Quikr would help one to happily and conveniently relocate to Bangalore. I have enjoyed all those experiences and it was truly convenient and easy. Since Quikr launched “Quikr NXT” , I was eagerly waiting to spread the word to my readers about this. Its is really a good step towards making the C2C buying & selling experience hassle free. What better then getting in touch with the buyer or seller through chat without disclosing your number. So today I am exploring how I could replace my existing car with a new one by making bes

MB(Mohan Bhagwat) ho kya?

On Monday, Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in his talk organised by an NGO revealed some shocking conclusions of his analysis on Mother Teresa's service. And it turns out to be "Conversion of people to Christianity was the objective of Mother Teresa's service to the poor" I think he should be participating in Google's Science Fair for the young and submitting his such bright ideas. What is he doing in politics?! He should have been leading all the Research front of our country!  Wait wait! Even better he should replace ACP Pradhyuman in CID! For those who are confused from this post, below are Mr Bhagwat's words in a function organized by an NGO at a village near Bharatpur, Rajasthan "Here, the service isn't like Mother Teresa's. Her service would have been good but it used to have one objective, to see that the person who was being helped felt obliged to become a Christian."

Why to watch Roy, a Movie Review

After one week of watching "Roy", I figure out how to write my views about this movie. A awaited movie which had created enough buzz just by the trailers, cast and music, which didn't need some extra promotions, which had so much much gravity created for it that even after reading all the bad reviews I made it a point to experience it first hand. So (maybe a little late) I list out the points why one may/must watch the movie. Firstly, The Buzz created about the movie, The cast i.e. the two awesome actors and the fresh music has got you curious. Now you might want to shut the curious idiot in you by simply giving in and watching the movie, that is what I did. Second, you want to watch Jacqueline Fernandez do Yoga, ballet, many more dance forms, look stunning and yes kiss Ranbir.. and Arjun too. Then yes, go watch the movie. This movie has well explored all her capabilities and will be a treat to your eyes if you can bear the parts where she is not in t

Top 5 on my Bucket List- #BefikarUmarBhar

Warning: I may have some weird  Read at your own Risk. Always wanted to write a post on this topic, but never could get the required catalyst. Today I got one when Indiblogger came with this amazing blogging prompt  "Imagine a life without any constraints, nothing to hold you back. Tell us about the top 5 things on your Bucket List that you would do if you were #BefikarUmarBhar" Hopes, dreams and aspirations When I think on this context, I remember the times when we are asked in School "What do you want to be when you grow up?" So recollecting my answers I compile this post wit the top five dreams and aspirations of mine. Am a Writer I want to get published. I blog, I write. I know I have a long way to go. A lot to learn, lot to improve before I plunge into the decision of getting published. This blog is my attempt to putting out my words to the readers. It is a medium for me to learn more and improve. So someday when I can,

Unconditional Love with the Zenfone

What is Good about being Single on Valentine's day? Best is, you get to show yourself some love. Pamper youf, and you will! Particularly to make it up to yourself after being tortured by all that lovey-dovey ambience created all around you by couples. But Valentine day is not only about couples, its about Love. So why not Love yourself, Pamper yourself, Gift yourself. Now what to Gift, after all you want it to match up to Valentine I would suggest Asus Zenfone. Why? List of Reasons is too long, I will list down 5 important reasons why I would say Asus Zenfone can be a Good gift to pamper yourself this Valentine. The Look! Now when I say looks, it doesn't mean only beauty. Asus Zenfone defines elegance here and is classy. For the proud singles, the Classic white or even more The Black in which many of Asus Zenfones are available. For the more extravagant, there is Gold too! So pick your looks, go Classy or go flashy! The Specs! The lo

Shamitabh: Movie Review

Instead of being a epic movie, it turned out to be a disappointment. Some may even term it a sandwich of Advertisements and a Movie by R Balki. I still wouldn't call it a complete disappointment, because of the cast who gave their best to keep the audience from getting bored. Starts with some enthralling performances, especially from a child artist who plays the younger version of Danish(Dhanush's character). Gravity is well created for the forthcoming, while the story builds up. Even the ad placements seem acceptable till the first half. Even though Lifebouy is very oddly brought in, it can be accepted as part of humor. The film continues to have audience curious till the interval. But the ad break during he interval kills it all. With a long interval, filled with ads. Some of which are even repeated, so much so that the crowd at the multiplex I was watching got irritated enough to shout abuses. After the interval, everything you expect happens. Expected (and Hinted