Great Indian Litterbug

Its been months the Clean India campaign has started, but the expected outcome is yet to be seen.

Instead, the Rebels yet continue their pursuit of littering at every possible opportunity.

What I expected from my fellow citizens was to go searching for a dustbin whenever they have a urge to throw any waste, I don't see that happening yet.
I expected people to go searching for wash basins or toilets whenever they get the nature's call or fell the urge to share their saliva with the outside world, to spit. I don't see this happening too.
I expected many to oppose whenever they find someone littering, I see some change here. In my own personal experience, only recently I have gathered the courage to stop people from littering and advising them against it, if they do.
I expected people to at least feel a little guilt, when someone points out that they are doing wrong by littering. No! Many don't! Instead then it becomes a question of ego and sometimes ends up in a brawl. Encountered one such incident recently on Borivali railway station where a humble man was slapped by a well educated(at least she looked so) lady when asked to pick up the waste she threw on the railway platform.

We all have the same complaints about our country not being a clean one. We all have complaints about nothing changing.
But have we taken the initial & essential steps?
Do you have a carry bag or small pouch in your back pack meant to keep waste until you find a dustbin?
Have one whenever you can.
Most of the people when questioned on littering will say they did not find a dustbin nearby, some may even go the extent of blaming the government for not installing enough dustbins.
According to the frequency with which any place is littered, if government installs a dustbin on every spot where people litter we will be tip-toeing around dustbins all the time instead of walking.

Its been said in every possible way “Don't Litter”
 “Use Dustbins”
“Keep Public Places Clean”

I can't think of a better way to say it! Just make it your resolution already
& change!

Inspired by “The Great Indian Litterbug” by Times of India, I wrote a poem in it's support

Yes, We are the Free Indians.
Democracy we live in
So now we have a Right to Litter
That's what We believe in
From the people, by the people
For the people
From our windows, doors & minds
All by we Indian Litterbugs
For the Democracy we have!

Yes, We are the contributing Indians
Citizens of a developing nation
So mountains of waste all around,
Piling around in open
is Grooming Almighty's creation
A goal to reach
in 2020, A Super Power invincible
And very well before that
A nation Inhabitable

Yes we are the Peaceful Indians,
We don't bother none
Nor raise a voice
Live & Let Live
so we Litter & Let Litter
in Gandhigiri we believe

Yes, We are the New Age Indians
Open minds & perspectives
We don't believe in restrictions
Defecate, Piss & all in Open
Like Artists we create abstract art
New age graffiti of red
especially those warning are not spared
Walls & Pavements where we tread

Yes, We are the Evolution
from HomoSapiens to the next
With the ability to litter shamefully
to be a Litterbug we attest!

And yes “The Great Indian Litterbug”  also offers you a chance to be the Police, use your camera phones for something better than the selfies!
Click a pic whenever you see anyone being The Great Indian Litterbug and upload on their website. You can contribute in other ways too, do visit:


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