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Great Indian Litterbug

Its been months the Clean India campaign has started, but the expected outcome is yet to be seen. Instead, the Rebels yet continue their pursuit of littering at every possible opportunity. What I expected from my fellow citizens was to go searching for a dustbin whenever they have a urge to throw any waste, I don't see that happening yet. I expected people to go searching for wash basins or toilets whenever they get the nature's call or fell the urge to share their saliva with the outside world, to spit. I don't see this happening too. I expected many to oppose whenever they find someone littering, I see some change here. In my own personal experience, only recently I have gathered the courage to stop people from littering and advising them against it, if they do. I expected people to at least feel a little guilt, when someone points out that they are doing wrong by littering. No! Many don't! Instead then it becomes a question of ego and sometimes ends up in a b

Is Laundry only a Woman's Job?

Not written for the Contest, instead in support of the Campaign. Before I start with the Post, I would want my readers to have a look at some of the household statistics regarding Laundry collected by Ariel's survey conducted by AC Nielsen. Does this look like the scenario in your home? I will ask you a question "Is laundry only a Woman's Job?" The Statistics which are shown above were thought provoking & Staggering for me. I don't know if the stats were required, the question alone drove my mind to chaos! The expected answer when this question is asked must be "NO" But I took a pause to think! So how did that happen? Only women are supposed to do laundry this thought was well inscribed in my mind since child hood????? I got restless ! I myself speak so much about Women Empowerment, respecting women and need for equality. But I realised my own mind is corrupted with some Male chauvinist ideologies. I went around asking the

Quikr, on my way to Bangalore

It was just some months back when I got introduced to C2C Buying & Selling online, through Quikr. It was a online activity where Quikr offered Bloggers a chance to shop for free! I bought a Sony Playstation Portable-3000 and this was my first & best experience at Quikr. What followed was realization of how effective & easy it was to buy & sell at Quikr, since then I have used my account well at Quikr. This time the blogging prompt is given by Indiblogger Credits: If you were relocating to Bangalore, how would you use  to your advantage? Bangalore being the silicon valley of our country is a expensive place to be, so one has to be careful and take care that expenses don't burn deep holes in your pockets. Quikr will help me do exactly that. When it comes to traveling or moving someplace, first thing on my "to do" list is "Finding a place to Crash" So we take the "Real Estate" category o

Tata Bolt & Bolt Arena

Tata Motors is all set to launch the Bolt hatchback on 22nd of January. A set of Bloggers were invited to experience the Bolt Arena and Blog about it, I was one of the lucky ones. I visited the Bolt Arena on 4th January, Sunday in Inorbit Mall, Vashi. True to what was promised, our experience at Bolt Arena was energetic and fun with fresh concepts introduced which was true interaction with the Customers. The Bolt Arena offered us with many a  opportunities, and I experienced and enjoyed each one of it! A Chance to experience new Hatchback from Tata, Bolt before its launch! ”BOLT” . The name might sound quite familiar to all the athletics fans. Yes, you guessed it right. Usain Bolt. But what is this name doing in the automobile industry. “A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark”. A new idea of a premium hatchback from Tata Motors led to the evolution of the Bolt. Tata Bolt is part of HORIZONEXT by Tata Motors, a four-pronged customer-focused strategy, providi