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Children perceive and experience everything very differently compared to adults. A sense of wonder, enthusiasm and excitement lies in each of their endeavours.
With growing up we loose the enthusiasm, innocence and liveliness. With responsibilities pertaining to our jobs, career & family we tend to constraint ourselves. All hassles of our life creep into our subconscious and stay there. Reaching a state of total control over our own happiness gets difficult and we wont be able to enjoy every moment like we should.
While children fly free. Their hassle free mind allows them to live every moment to the fullest and enjoy without any constraints.
A house with a kid in it is always full of life. Similarly a vacation with kids can't be dull. For a family with chidren, it is a nice escape from the chaos of daily routine life. Parents can derive happiness and content through their chidren and spend quality time with family while on vacations.

I vividly rememeber those days from my childhood. Dad's company use fo throw extravagant parties in top notch locations and plan picnics with lot of fun activity planned. The pre event shopping trip, getting ready and everything are still so fresh in our memories.
These days of childhood are one of my fondest memories.
I only wish that I would be able to relive those memorable days. This below is one snap from my brother's birthday

A vacation plan with kids needs to be full proof one.
Below is a checklist compiled for a parent planning for vacation with kids.

  • While planning for a picnic, trip or vacation the kid's choices must be understood. A place cannot be chosen just on the basis of its grandeur, rather must have something to which your kids can really connect.
  • All necessary bookings need to be done and confirmed, and it is always preferable to go with trusted names while booking vacation trips. 
  • Plan your whole trip well with nothing left to chance. If the journey is long, you also need to plan your stops for refreshments.
  • You need to pack some games which can be a good pastime during the journey, you don't want your kids to be bored due to long journeys.
  • Collecting souvenirs is a very good practise and it can be inculcated in your kids so that they learn to savor those memories from the trip.
  • If you want the trip to be a learning experience also for yiur kid, you need to gather fun facts to share with your kid as you go.
  • First aid kit must be kept handy whenever on a long trip. It doesn't matter if it never comes in use. Its better than needing it and not having it. Even required medicines must be a part of your kit.

Most necessarily while on a vacation, one must leave behind all his worries of daily life and enjoy like a kid.

Teddy Travelogues By Club Mahindra is a first ever travel magazine which is written by children. It is a nice initiative which inspires kids to explore more through travelling, reading and even gives a platform for young budding writers to showcase their talent.

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