New Year Resolutions & Micromax Canvas Tab P666

Thanks to Indiblogger for coming up with a Blog prompt where I can cheer for a brand I sport,
I am Team CANvas!

I myself own a Micromax Canvas Magnus and have been a true follower of this brand since long.
Keeping aside all the critics and skepticism, I believed in this brand and chose to buy a Micromax, an Indian Brand. And Yes, I was not disappointed! After one year of buying this phone, it still has not given me any chance to complain and I believe it will not..AMEN!

So the question Indiblogger asked this time was “Tell us how the lightning speed of the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 could help you achieve your New Year resolutions?”

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So i will first list out my New Year Resolutions.
Lately, after joining Job most of my time is spent in office. I get less time for my other hobbies or interests, so my resolutions this year are majorly based on that.

  •  Read More!
There were days when I would read full size novels and books within 3-4 days. These days I am falling back on my reading list and am not able to complete reading books. Even the blogs & articles I book mark stay too long in the bookmark list and go unread. So I wish to change this.

  •  Write More, Blog more!
Yes, Sadly I am giving less time to writing. Lot of my ideas stay in the notepad of my phone and never are reproduced into articles, posts, etc. I want to change this and wish to give more time to Blogging and writing.

  • Stay Connected
Yes I am a victim of FOMO(Fear of Missing Out)!! On a serious note, unlike before I don't get much time to read news articles. I need some way to get me connected to what is happening in the world and be updated about the same.

  • Healthier Living
This is what my Mom mainly complains of! Irregular Routine is taking a toll on my health. So this is what I have to correct and get organized in some way.

Now getting back to the gadget which is going to rescue me ;)
Powered by Intel Atom processor Micromax promises lightning speed with Canvas Tab P666
Now taking about speed here, I believe Intel!
It has been powering our Computer Systems for long and now its time for gadgets to attain the speed and when Intel says it has added something extra like Burst performance technology and Hyper threading technology for smooth multi-tasking, I know these are not just words and results will be delivered.
Again for the screen, Micromax made another smart move by powering it up with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator. So one has nothing to worry about regarding the screen.
Its Micromax, and they believe in classics, so most of the products they offer come in my favorite colors. :)
So if i had to choose I would go for Magnetic Black!
Sorry other OS users, but after Android has emerged i don't prefer anything. So Android KitKat OS on my new Canvas Tab P666 is the best OS I could get, unless Android comes up with a new version ;)

Now taking about per-loaded apps.

Swift Key alone is enough to get me excited. Only those people who have used Swift Key would understand what I am talking about. The speed one can achieve with Swift key is just addicting! God knows what kind of AI works behind this one app, but it understands a person's typing tendency better than your soul mate will understand you. If I continue on this app, I won't stop with the Cloud backup, themes, language options,etc... Love Micromax for bringing this app into Canvas Tab P666!!

Now for the combination!!
That is how Micromax Canvas Tab P666 will help me keep my New Year resolutions

> Read more
Yes this is a perfect gadget to move all my reading material to. In this way my phone can be relived of the extra load I put on it.

> Write More! Blog More!
Combine lightning speed with Swift Key app and Android KitKat on my gadget and what you would get is a Happy ME! I could blog more conveniently from the gadget and would not have to wait till I reach home to my Personal Computer. A lot of my time goes in waiting! Waiting for train, appointment, etc. All this time will be better utilized.

> Stay Connected
Nothing could replace the feeling of reading news form a news paper, but nothing could be more convenient to read news on the go then a Tab. So this gadget will help me to stay updated with the daily news and I could imagine myself having my morning tea while reading news from Canvas Tab P666.

>Healthier Living
Now this is one thing I ain't sure of! Cause I can trust the gadget to help me out in every way possible but getting organized will need a lot more effort!
One thing I can be sure of is content after getting my time utilized well with making good use of the lightning speed that Canvas Tab P666 will offer.


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