Blog to Feed a Child, a must for every Blogger

Blogadda came up with a new challenge for Bloggers around India.

"Blog to Feed a Child" Challenge

Everytime a blogger takes up this challenge and writes on the topics mentioned, Blogadda  will donate money to Akshaya Patra, an NGO

The Topic/Theme

Tell us how you think we can eliminate classroom hunger. Imagine what India would be like if no child goes hungry and an entire generation is educated.

The Donation

For every blog post written, Blogadda will sponsor meals for an Akshaya Patra beneficiary for an entire year

The first thought which hit my mind when I read about this challenge is “Mid-Day meal programme”

Come to any Government school around 1pm and you will see kids waiting in line to be served by the very famous MID-DAY MEAL program of Indian Government. Often in an open environment, with the clatter of the plates and the adorable smiling faces around, it’s a feast to one’s eyes.

This popular programme started in the state of Tamil Nadu as early as 1930 is today introduced in every state on Supreme Court’s orders in November, 2001. Under this programme cooked meals are provided to all children in primary government schools for free. It lead to increased enrollment of students and attendanceeven helped in fighting against caste system and provided employment to women. Thus the programme has been hugely successful since then, and today is said to be World’s Largest School Feeding Programme

"According to me supporting the Mid-Day meal programme and ensuring it reaches all Government schools of India with providing quality and whole some meals to the children is the most effective way of eradicating Class room hunger and ensuring attendance."

Akshaya Patra aims at eradicating class room hunger and provide education to all through Mid-day meal programme.
From their start, on 2000 when they were supporting 1500 children today Akshaya Patra have reached world record for being a non-profit organisation to  provide wholesome food to 1.4 million children across 10 states in India
This image shows their progress starting from year 2000 till date>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We too can help Akshaya Patra in this journey!!
So cost of sponsoring a child's year long Mid-Day meal would be Rs. 750 only!
Donate to the cause or if you are a blogger registered with Blogadda, take up this challenge: 

"Blog to Feed a Child"

Its time you give back to the society.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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