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Why didn't you shave? - #WillYouShave

Ask me."Will  you shave?" I will be taken back to those days of engineering, when the question "Why didn't you shave" was thrown at me repeatedly.  You can read my previous posts on similar topics Will you Shave? - #WillYouShave Why do I have to Shave? - #WillYouShave There is only one situation in which a Engineering students faces most scary questions all at once. A VIVA Even the most difficult theory subject won't give a student goosebumps like the VIVA does. Reason there is a arrogant big eyed external staring right into your eyes making it difficult to even breathe, let alone think. So this is what happened to me in a VIVA. I used to be among those chilled out who believe that Fear is what makes situations more scary. In my first year, I did not fear VIVA that much. I knew at the maximum I may not answer a few questions and get a few taunts on my knowledge. Couple of stares & speeches that's it. Then Me

Will you Shave? - #WillYouShave

Will you Shave? Do you think you can miss a opportunity because of your beard or moustache? Sounds silly right! Checkout my experience on this. Why do I have to Shave? - #WillYouShave I have a incident which I would like to share on this question. I distinctly remember this incident which happened in eight grade. These were the days when we boys were interested more in growing up rather than cherishing our childhood. It was the phrase "Who's the Man?" which excited us. The first signs of maturing at this age would be facial hair, that is what all boys in my class wanted to sport. A beard. I too got riddled into this and did something crazy. I have heard that once you shave, then the actual beard starts growing! Silly right!! I used my brother's razor and shaved! Now the thing is I did not have much of what could be termed as beard, but the shave made me look...... Like a Monkey. I couldn't prevent people noticing my f

Why do I have to Shave? - #WillYouShave

Why to Shave? I was the guy who once used to force this question on anyone who would ask me to shave and would complain about my un-kept look. Before.Not looking that bad though ;) Mom would say I look like a goon: " a  Mawali " I would ask Why do I need to Shave? I used to be lazy and would shave once in two or three weeks, that too would just trim using the trimmer. I never saw the point in putting efforts to get a clean shave. Grooming was not one of my priorities. So I just asked "Why to shave?". I got my answer. When you just cross the age of 20 you might still feel like a teenager inside, but the world doesn't see you as one. Especially the actual teenagers don't. They see and treat you as adults. I dont know if this becomes a issue for everyone, but I didn't like this idea of being considered much elder than I am. To be more clear, it is the feeling of being called Uncle I am referring to. Would narra

Kids Hut- Revisit your Childhood Memories

Someone asks you to go back the memory lane, revisit those days when you were a toddler. What tops the list of memories? 1. Time spent with your Mother 2. School, First Friends & Teachers 3. Rhymes & Stories Rhymes & Stories with morals are something which stays with us forever. We may have gone through years of, college and mugging up syllabus after syllabus.....we would surely don't remember each of those absurd chapters, but what we cannot forget are those Rhymes & Stories. Those are our first steps towards narration,  reciting, remembering, learning & towards discovering the world of sweet short stories and songs we can hum. As a result, impossible to forget memories. Blogadda & T-Series recently came up with a blog prompt & helped me revisit those days of Chirpy Rhymes & Stories. KIDS HUT by T-Series provides a collection of all the Nursery Rhymes & Stories in attractive animated videos. Adding something more to eac

Book Review: "God is a Gamer" by Ravi Subramanian

" While I sit here reading this, a lot of crazy things are going around in the world " God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian. This books makes you realise in greater proportions how different the world is from what we assume it to be. Makes you feel like a newborn exploring things alien to it. Until I read "God is a Gamer" I believed a good writer is one who could give readers something they could relate to. Now I know, a better one is one who does that and then even shows them how much they dont know about the same. Are you into Banking? Are you into Technology/IT? Are you into Gaming/ or a Gamer? Are you into Politics? Are you a News Hound? Are you amazed by the world of Internet? Does a suspense thriller excite you? Are you a Indian? You answer "YES" for any one of those questions, than you will love the book. If you have multiple YES as answers to those questions than you will enjoy the book to the fullest. I am an IT guy

Tata Literature Live! Awards Night - 2014

On 2 nd Novemeber, the fourth day of The 5th edition of Tata Literature Live a Awards Ceremony was held in National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA),Mumbai to felicitate the noteworthy and outstanding contributors in Literature. “ 90% of Literature is Stolen" that is the quote with what the Award ceremony of the 5th edition of Tata Literature Live commenced. Expected when you ask  "Anuvab Pal ", standup comedian to host a Literature award show. Anuvab turned it into a  laughing riot with jokes on every caste and community ranging from the Bengalis (his own) to Punjabis and even the Bangaloreans . Ironically pointing out all the prevalent typecasts he made everyone laugh their hearts out. I was smart enough to record the whole of it! Have heard it number of times now. Like last four years, the Landmark Literature Live! Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Tata Literature Live! First Book Award (Fiction and Non-Fiction) was part o