Quikr for the Gamer in Me

I am a Gamer, I have 7 lives!

And Quikr along with Blogadda made me revive one of my lives
Days of Gaming started with the legacy TV Video Game  like every other 90's kid.

tv video game
Image from Google

It ended with me and brother screwing   up the television set at home.
(Still it continued at friend's & neighbour's place...)

Then came the era of PLAYSTATION, me and MY friends used to bunk coaching classes & spend time playing God of War, Raw v/s Smackdown, Fifa and other awesome games.

That too had to end with school days.

Since then with a busy life, a need for a portable gaming console had emerged!

The Luxury of buying something exclusive for Gaming worth more than 5000 INR sounded Childish & Idiotic to my parents.

Sadly, this would have been pretty much the end to my Gaming days.

Important: I ain't a Andriod gamer! Silly games like coupling candies to pass levels and throwing funny birds on clueless pigs doesn't quench my thirst of hardcore gaming.

I needed a Playstation Portable(PSP)
facebook album photos

Since 2011, this has been on my wish list.
Above is the image of a album in my Facebook account showing all things in my Wishlist!

Many a times, I saw myself almost buying a PSP but dropping the idea at the last minute.

Then I got introduced to Quikr!

Thanks to Blogadda which came up with  'Quikr Free Shopping Fiesta'
I was not very much excited about buying a used product at first.

Anyhow, I decided to give a Quikr a try!


quikr mumbai website

Firstly I got myself registered.
Registration was easy and fast. 

Trust me, I was glued to Quikr since then.

The Mobile verification process through miss call was easy to get through.

Firstly to speak about the look and feel of the website, its quite impressive. The placement of ADs and the different options are user-friendly.

Sorting out relevant and required products was quite easy through the various sorting options of categories, price, date, brands, location, etc
For me the Filters were always set to 
*2001 INR - 5000 INR
*5001 INR - 8000 INR 
*Most recent
Yes I overshot the budget by including 5001 INR - 8000 INR range, but I assumed people willing to sell in 5000 INR would keep the prices higher for the typical buyers who bargain.

quikr alert on mobile

I monitored every new AD about
consoles which was put up.

It was easy with the option available
to have SMS alerts sent to your   number
every time anyone puts up a AD of your                                                                        interest.
I am still getting the Quikr alerts on New ADs on gaming consoles, there is a option to unsubscribe and is easy but I am not quite sure why I ain't doing it :D

Truly speaking I was skeptical, I could not trust   any AD unless they had couple of genuine images.

I got a few short listed, yet was waiting for something better.

The thing with PSP is, Once you buy one the expense doesn't end there. You have to buy original Game UMDs worth minimum 500. So the catch was to get a already cracked PSP and an alluring offer within budget of 5000.

The alluring one came soon...

Cracked PSP 3004 + 2 UMDs + 2 GB MC + ISO games + RedGear Case

This was like better than what I was waiting for!

But the cost was a hurdle!
I wanted to get it in 5000 INR while the seller had demanded 6000 INR

Without delay I got in contact with the seller.

quikr send message to buyer

I sent the seller a message through Quikr's option "Reply to this AD"
The seller was fast in replying to the message.
First thing I blurted was "hello! you have a PSP for sale right? Is it still available?"
I didn't want loose this deal because the photos looked authentic and even the PSP looked quite new.

We had a good conversation about the deal where we both were happy about every thing except for the amount!
He demanded 6000 INR while I was still adamant to get it within 5000 INR.

I didn't wanna play the "Na Tera na Mera" trick, because I didn't want to dishonour the Awesome product it was!
I said 5000 INR, not more nor less.

My Mummy wala genes was not brought out here!! :D
As I didn't have to bargain!

The seller finally agreed as he too wanted to close the deal soon (Maybe I sounded like a genuine buyer) and the exchange would be convenient for both of us as we didn't stay far.

Seller was from Dahisar, while I am residing in Mira road
We decided to meet near Thakur mall today morning(31-Oct)

Rest was easy, I met the seller...I met the PSP :)

The seller  had the box he bought the PSP in. He gave the PSP in the same box with the bill(which I never asked for ;) I must have) 

For my other Gamer friends who love on the go Gaming and would want to get a Gaming console within their budget (like I did)

Visit below link

This is me with my new treasures!!!

Now Weekends will have the dose of gaming just like the good old days. 

next Search on Quikr is for UMDs...More Games!!!

Thanks to Quikr, the Gamer in me will live!

and thanks to the seller who was true to his words and the product was exactly as promised! Even better!! :)

No more I am skeptical or hesitant about Used products. 

I have sorted the things on my wish list which could be listed on Quikr and I am now waiting for the next perfect advertistement. 

This post is a part of Quikr.com activity at BlogAdda.com


  1. Hey waow. This is amazing , and seems to be easy, affordable and achievale. Quite an eye opener for people unsure about C2C business

    1. Thanks for Stopping by Prajakta!
      Keep reading. :)


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