Profile updation: Growing up, from Student to an Software Developer

Blogging begins in 2010

I started blogging in second year of Engineering. After I had my appendicitis surgery, I was advised bed rest for several days.
With the surgery and the recovery time, I had to skip College for 3 weeks
What could be done?
With the power of internet with me, I got determined to make my bed rest time productive.
I started this Blog.

Throughout the semester I blogged, resulting into happiness of writing & being read & flunking in two subjects that semester.
The health problems in that semester played a major role, it didn't matter.
"Stop Blogging, Start Studying" a resolution was made.

I completed Engineering, stopping blogging was not a reason though..LOL

After my Engineering, I landed in a IT Job in Mumbai, travelling in Mumbai locals and waiting in platforms gathering enough courage to get into the next crowded local and waiting in long queues for almost everything is what inspired me to Revive my blog.

All this waiting time had to be put to good use.

I saw lot of changes in the two years gap.
With my writing, the way I saw things....
Have been blogging since a month now with a belief to never again take a break.
This Joy is required, this productivity has to continue.

Coming to the point, almost months into reviving my blog I have not yet made a effort to change my profile.

It still says

Holla!!This is Shetty Anirudh,living the Sine wave life pursuing CS Engineering. And in all those ups and downs, Poetry proves to be my Best companion, best form of expression and even does the work of a Pain killer some times. This Blog, I have created to express myself, which will always be incomplete without a poem. So every post will atleast have a 1 stanza poem, thats my challenge to self. Thoughts, views, updates on my life, memories....I will try to put it all out here...... am wondering being a Engineering student when I will get time for all this, but when it comes to expressing myself, I cant resist. What is special in my poems: You will be able to find truth, relate to or even sometimes find yourself singing those. :) God bless you!

The reason behind me not updating my not laziness.
Its a attachment to the boy I was :)
Its unwillingness to change, to grow up.
The carefree poet, the student and a teenager.
Growing up has taken a toll on me and I miss those days of Freedom a lot.

Still writing keeps me sane and helps in keeping the child in me alive.

But its time, I update my profile and stop running from the inevitable change life has gone through.

While I do that, I want this post to preserve my previous Introduction.

So its done... And below is the new me.

A Writer at heart, an IT guy by profession. 
A Mumbaikar by location and a Mangalorean by anscetral roots.
Writing is my high and Blogging is my passion.
Poems - Short Stories - Reviews - Articles
This Blog is my escape from the worldly cravings, my Nirvana :)

I also thank all my friends, the readers who support me by reading and giving feedback.

Special Thanks to
Devil- my favorite reader

The Brodars-Brocode
The Five Kaminey
Shami baby
& all readers


  1. Well, don't kill that carefree, freedom loving, bindaas kid :P That said, freedom is always around (sick leaves, remember? ;) ) Kidding.. Best Wishes :)

    1. Hahaha...well said...

      Sick leaves..casual leaves..6 stacked up...for the kid in me :) ;)

  2. Stay fresh, stay enthusiastic Anirudh! Blogging is therapeutic and fun. All the best in everything you do!

    1. Therapeutic for sure...

      Thia world of writes & reads is really soothing...

      Thanks for reading

  3. Be good Stay good and fit. Don't Change be free, have fun!!!!!
    You were good continue to be this forever.
    GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for future

    1. Thanks for your kind words.

      All the best for you too.

      Keep reading.. :)


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