Mangalyaan-MOM & India's Quirky reactions.

Mars Orbiter Mission Success and India's Quirky reactions.

 MOM/Mangalyaan completed 30 successful days, so google dedicated a doodle to Mangalyan
mangalyan mom doodle

On Wednesday (September 24) India woke up to a revolution in Space research. Indian Space Research Organization declared its success on its Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM). Waves of pride and joy swept across the nation. This news overpowered every other news, joke and forward on every possible social media.

Mangalyaan, better known as MOM started its journey on November 5, 2013 from Satish Dhawan Space Center SHAR at Sriharikota mounted on (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle)PSLV-C25.
Before entering Mar's orbit, the spacecraft had lost radio link to earth as the spacecraft maneuvered behind Mars. The time was termed as Eclipse while folks at ISRO held their breath until the link was resetablished and history was written.

India's space agency is the fourth to successfully complete a Mars orbiter mission after US, Russia and Europe. The first to do it in maiden attempt. After 44 years of being in Space research, this the India's first interplanetary mission and hence a important one.
The spacecraft will orbit mars for months to come, collecting data on its atmosphere and images which will help to get insights into the planet's history.
Wishes started pouring in from many countries. NASA and ISRO had a amusing conversation from their twitter handles greeting each other with a “Namaste” and “Howdy”.
Narendra modi congratulated and applauded ISRO's space program for completing the mission at a cut-rate cost, which is estimated to be  lower than the cost that went in making Hollywood movie “Gravity”
With lots of humor pouring in with the various facts listed out about this space mission, I couldn't resist.
I tried compiling some facts with some quirky response of Indians.

First country to have successful Mars mission at a maiden attempt
A Skeptical Indian: “Oh, something our country could get done on first attempt.”

This mission is accomplished in a cut rate cost lower than what was estimated.
A News hungry reporter: “Look out!! I see a news of scam following”

They call it MOM(Mars Orbiter Mission)
A Orthodox Indian: “This is not fair!! They are targeting our culture!”

The spacecraft “Mangalyaan” which had lost link to earth regained link and confirmed its success on Wednesday.
A Pandit (Hindu priest): “This is the outcome of Hanuman devotees fasting on  Tuesday”

India hopes to have MOM orbit Mars for long enough, to gather all possible knowledge of Mars
A Frustrated Common Man: “Yes, we don't have proper roads to go around our colony, but this satellite can orbit around mars for years.”

MOM had to orbit around earth to get a slingshot movement and enter Mars's orbit.
A Rajnikanth Fan: “Rajnikanth blew the spacecraft thus helping it to move away from earth into mar's orbit"

Mangalyaan covered around 65 crore kms at a total cost of around 450 crore rupees
A Angry Commutter: "What?! The rickshaw fare I pay are relatively very high!!"

India created history in Space research.
A Movie Buff: “Wow!! another space movie with aliens!!!”

First Space agency to achieve this in First attempt.
A Silly Girl: “Yayyyyy!! But didn't Armstrong do this already??

MOM is now orbiting mars.
A Workaholic: “Impossible! The MOM(Minutes of Meeting) I drafted is still sitting in my outbox, yet to be sent to my team”

This mission has objectives of gathering knowledge on Mars.
A Innocent Child: “Are they bringing back JADU from the movie “Koi mil gaya”?”

All these responses are made up and my attempts on humor.

Jokes apart, every India today would be proud and we all salute ISRO for its determination, belief and success.


  1. Hilariously written and thought provoking post shetty anirudh. Very nice. MOM made us proud, a big salute to all the space scientist who were behind it!

  2. I love the idea that India's successful Mars mission cost less to make than the movie "Gravity" :)

    1. The idea is the FACT :)

      Thanks for stopping by & reading :)

      Keep Reading

  3. Lol..
    Loved it Anirudh .. Keep up the good work ..means keep posting :)


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