Jayalalitha & Eye Openers for the Blind

Indians have their way of redefining everything.

We have seen enough scandals & scams.
With each one what is more surprising is not the increased extent of misdoings.
Its the increased amount of Devotees of the their Evil God.
The so called Supporters and the Chaos creators.

They redefine "Blind Faith"
Even after a person is convicted, even after all legitimate evidence, as strong as High definition videos become public, still there will be those "Staunch Followers"

For a less informed, they will always be in doubt with the chaos created.

So to simplify the much talked Jayalalitha Corruption case,
I will list down a timeline compiled from sources. Trusted Sources & Verified.

  • Jayalalitha Jayaram, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(AIADMK) Supremo. Jayalalitha better known as Amma by her followers is now doing jail time.
  • In 24 June 1991, Jayalalitha became the first elected woman chief minister of Tamil Nadu, serving the full tenure (24 June 1991 - 12 May 1996)
  • In September 1955, Jayalalitha’s Foster son got married. The lavish wedding could hold Guinness World records with the flamboyance and estimated whooping crores spent.
  • In December 1996, Jayalalitha was charged for receiving kickbacks in a scheme to purchase television sets for villagers. She had spent a few weeks in jail back then.
  • April, 1988 saw the TANSI Land scam, where Jaya publications bought land belonging to Tamil Nadu Small Industries (TANSI) Corporation. These lands were bought at a price way lower than market price by Jaya publications in which Jayalalitha and her friend Sasikala were partners.
  • In April 1999, press disclosed the findings during Jayalalitha’s arrest in 1996. 64 pounds of diamond-studded gold jewelry, thousands of saris, 750 pairs of shoes, 91 designer watches and 19 automobiles formed the treasures amassed by Jayalalitha.
  • In 1999, Rs 7 billion Coal import scam case. Jayalalitha was the prime accused in this case, relating to import of coal by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board during 1993-94.
  • In Feb, 2000 The ‘Pleasant Stay’ hotel case came up where Jayalalitha was convicted and sentenced for having favored the owner of the hotel in return of monetary considerations during her tenure as Chief Minister. Jayalalitha and four of her colleagues had been sentenced to one year's rigorous imprisonment on charges of corruption in the Pleasant Stay Hotel case, the sentence was soon suspended and she was granted bail.
  • In April 2001, Jayalalitha was booked by the Elections commission for filing nomination papers to fight elections from four assembly seats - Andipatti, Krishnagiri, Bhuvanagiri and Pudukotti. A candidate is entitled to contest elections on a maximum of two seats at a time as per the 1951, Representation of the People Act,
  • In September 22, 2001, Supreme Court ruled that the appointment of Jayalalitha Jayaram as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu State in May violated the Constitution as she was found guilty in the Land scam case and had abused her power as Chief Minister.
  • In 2011, Jayalalitha came back in power for third time and what followed is she being jailed on September, 2014

These are only some red dots on a very dark timeline....

Convicted on disproportionate assets of around Rs. 66 crores the case had lasted for 18 years now. On September 27, Bangalore Court found Jayalalitha to be guilty and sentenced her to four years of Jail with a fine of Rs. 100 crore.

What is more riveting are the statements made by Jayalalitha. She had proclaimed to not carry a single piece of Jewelery before treasures were seized from her home. She had even announced to take only one rupee as salary from the government while she is now jailed for a scam of around 66 crores.

Following this conviction, even after Jayalalitha finishes her Jail time she would be banned from standing in elections for another 6 years. This time it won't be that easy to make a comeback after 10 years, unless Tamil Nadu sees another Karunanidhi.

Trying to avert this, Jayalalitha had
Appealed for bail in High court, which did get rejected.
Then they approached Supreme Court.
Apex court did grant her conditonary bail, but the charges still say and
This time Justice will prevail.

Kudos to Bangalore Special Court and "Representation of People's act"
jayalalitha bail plea article
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  1. Hi Anirudh,
    Well written statistics about Jayalalitha.
    The sad part is that even after all these incidents
    people are still after her. What a pathetic situation is this!
    Yes, indeed this is Blind Faith only.
    When will our people realize the reality!
    OM She is now on bail. What all is going to happen!
    Hey Shetty, your color font is really difficult to read
    pl. change the color or the background. i just read it
    by blocking the whole part.
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

    1. Thank you Philip sir for the feedback. I have taken your advice & made the necessary changes :)

      And yes Jayalalitha has got bail, but the charges stay. So I am hopeful.


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